Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Compounded facebook status

Just a short 25 mins walk from 1 Utama to my home, so many just ran through my mind. One after another like train containers dashing by my vision.

I was at so much irritation.

If I were to have a device with my to tweet or to update my fb status, your news feed wall would have been spammed with all my rubbish.

Now I compile all my thoughts here, so then I won't flood your news feed wall. hehe.

Update: (this one was when I was still in 1 Utama)
Why was I (kinda) waiting for that DJ to walk by? HAHAHAHAH. No, I am actually concentrating in reading this book. Hmmm. Concentrate.

I get very ultra irritated when I have to wait, yet I am always late. How ironic.

8/10 times when I say 'I wanna run today', it will definitely rain. Like today. T_T

I used to be cash-rich. I want to be like that again. very very much. I really hate how I am right now. =(

I wonder what job should I be in to make me feel very happy because now I get irritated and grumpy often because of my job. -.- Luckily I am leaving alone, no one I can complain to nor hear me complain.

Bloody hell. Wolf-whistling is not a form of compliment. So please STFU, if not I POTONG you.

The security guards that I meet everyday, besides saying hi or hello to me, sometimes they like tell me to: Beli kereta la. Seeing that I can only walk everyday to wherever I want to go. Even the guards from office, who watches the traffic for me, sometimes ask me to drive to work, cos usually, by the time I reach office, my shirt would be already wet and I'll be busy wiping my sweat off. I mean they are asking out of kindness, but WHY ARE THEY MAKING OWNING A CAR LIKE SUCH AN EASY THING? u mean no need money one is it. T_T Why don't they own a car then?

Okay, enough rubbish in 25mins I think.

I update some happy thing soon! ;)