Friday, June 4, 2010

Over a Cup of Teh Tarik

Met up with Estee on my last trip back in Penang 2 weeks ago.

We had a wonderful catching up session, over a cup of teh tarik.

I always marvel at how the ability of this cup of milk tea that is pulled over two metal vessels back and forth for several times can simply freeze the time out of the world and make the conversation of a whole table of teh-tarik kakis last for the longest time ever.

Sometimes reminiscing old times.

Sometimes gossip updates.

Sometimes verbal sketch of the future.

Me and Estee, were talking about our next step after graduation.

We talked and talked and took some bites on this roti tissue.


We talked about past, about now, and what's next.

We promised each other to hit and catch our dream and flaunt it over teh tarik again one day.

It was some motivating and enlightening conversation that we had.

So much, just over a simple cup of tea. =)

over a cup of tea

Love You Esteee! ;)

P.S Veen Dee if you are reading this, we kept missing you when we were talking. =D

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