Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Roots: TAS @ Greenhall

John invited me to perform during the 'Student Stage' in The Actors Studio @ Greenhall. They need a singer who sings classical chinese song.

Ok, so it's me then? Haha. KDU doesnt really have those 'chinese-chinese' students. Most of them listens to english songs, i think.

'Students Stage' is presented by The Actors Studio, coordinated by John Shebat de Silva, our very own student from KDU Penang. It provides a platform for students (and ONLY students) that have a love for performing and arts that wish to put it up on stage. Students Stage is showcased every 3rd month of every month, and the show is newly themed every month, therefore no will be no boredom or repeatation exist and every month is a fresh new month!

I know I don't take good photos. =S Can i blame it on the camera? XD

The theme for June is "Roots". A theme expecting for tradition-inspired performances with a little modern tweak possibly.

This month they make it as a Media and Press Appreciation Nite too.

Student Stage is usually performed acoustically, of course, I would not want to brake the tradition with my debut performance in there. So I'm performing with my..guitar.

Gosh. How can she look more like a guitarist than I do. Ahh. Tan Veen Dee.

Esther is with her Flute.

Bill Reitberger with his wonderful talent - Acting.

Veen Dee is in the photo just to kacau the photo. She tries to play my guitar. -.-

We waited for some time before the show starts punctually.

My turn was up first. =)

Presenting a flamenco guitar piece, "Farucca" and the Teresa Teng's Chinese Oldies, "我只在乎你", wo zhi zai hu ni.

I felt so great singing together with my guitar again. For too long my guitar has been totally neglected.

Sorry my deary. Haha.

Following my performance was Esther's flute recital.

She wonderfully let the pieces she played dance bubbly on the notes with her flute. Presenting: Minuet: L' Arsienne No.2 and Turkish March.

I so love the sound of flute. Way to go Esther!

The show ended with Bill's act of the imitation of Bala Singham, a spoof act from a cheesy classical Tamil film.

Veen Dee supportingly came for our performance and fooled with us around. (Not forgetting, her effort of trying to make herself a guitarist in a few minutes time. =P)

The Lot. Bill, I told you the Black cannot be seen, didnt I? I didnt mean any racisim!

Look, John the boss is coming through.

Thank you Eng Hong for being the 'audience' for the night.

Some people that are supposed to turn themselves up did not come. Too bad la. They miss our performance.

And..I did enjoy myself. My reunion with my guitar. Haha.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

My Emceeing Debut

It was a week before the event, my college mate sms-ed me to ask whether I can be the MC of their 15th You Young Anniversary musical recital concert.

Having a huge sense of grabbing any opportunities, I immediately said yes while also pulling in Esther into the job.

My sort-of first time being an MC of any major events. Though I had experience emceeing, it was some super small events, that most of the audiences are people I know.

This time is gonna be DifferenT.

But only three days before the concert, were we given the outline, the schedule and the introduction of the club. Argh! 3 Days! Things rushing its way through. But me and Esther...ahh...still taking some own sweet time figuring out our greeting speech and the intoductory speeches of songs.

Finally the Saturday came.

While everybody else were rehearsing,

we were busy writing our speeches.

We realised something: Human beings work better under pressure! Hah!

Before this we eliminating so many ideas that pop up from our mind, but mostly were rejected by Esther with the excuse: "Lame". But when we had to come up with our lines to introduce the songs during rehearsals, the formation of words came out so easily, and Esther was no more saying: "No! so lame lar..."

And our working "table" got messier......and messier.

My cue cards pile up as we wrote our speeches,

And my writing got uglier and indecipherable. Haha.

(Liow Ying Tian, I have no rights to say you have ugly handwriting anymore. XD)

The night started off 'OK' with both of us emceeing. Not expecting a BOOM since we have not gone through any form of practice.

First time being put as an important role of an event, I startled a bit. Before this, I was just one of the performers, be it in a group or solo, I still wasn't the one controlling the audiences.

Our only expectation is not to humiliate ourselves in front of such a crowd and of course in order to achieve this, we have to strut our stuff to the best.

It was like candies to us when we received responses from the crowd. =)

It was about 10.15pm when the musical recital ended.

Finally it reached to an end.

An awesome experience.


I still prefer performing than emceeing. Hee hee. =D

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Kenny Sia's 'Eat A Chip Like Kenny Sia' #2

I somehow feel the models on my first post (including myself la of course) arent so convincing to win Kenny Sia's vote for me to hope on the plane to Bangkok WITH HIM. (Please, Jie Xun and Ying Tian don't be offended. I'm more than appreciative over your first help. But I realised, to reach Kenny Sia's demand, it got to be SKYHIGH)

So, the next day, I called my college friends, called my high school friends, called my relatives, called .... .... to help me cast in my other stillshots.

I'm gonna make this contest BIG..TOO BIG in fact. Haha

My mum, being supportive and EXCITED alongside, provided me with some of her ideas she got too. (Have to la, need to contribute a little also, the 2nd beneficiary of the trip is her u know)

So, early on Sunday morning, I went to Batu Ferringhi.

Plan A for today: The vice versa of my #1 post. This time, the "hot bikini babe" will indulge so much in the crisp of the chips that how those muscular hunks flexes their stuff, they are unnoticable. She believes strongly that, only Mister Potato, can win her heart over.

Models: Bill, Fern, Yugen

Director cum Photographer: Benjamin Singh

Location: Batu Ferringhi beach

Contest shot #1

And since they are so creative and are a bunch of crazee people, they also did come out with some other ideas...

"I don't care if you fall, as long as you cant get MY Mister Potato"
Contest Shot #2

And my goodness, they even make me do something to the extent of this. Ben said it looked like some kind of a beach xxxx.

"No more Charlie's Angels for potato's sake, Now Mister Potato Angel CRrrrissssP! all the way"
Contest Shot #3

Ya, I know. It was from here.

In fact, very very very far from what it actually is. I ponder for a little while before I decide to post shot #3 up. I call it a spoof from Charlie's Angels. Haha.

Bill is a really good actor. For the following photos, please look at the expression of the guy in red. Makes me laugh when I reviewed them.

(Note: These shots are NOT submitted for contest)

This shot somehow looks really funny. I find no meaning in it and I totally don't understand why Ben wants me to smile like this.

I think these 2 shots are very comical. It is like the imitation of some late 80's or 90's legendary Superheros story's poster. Haha.

After all the professionalism that we showed, we managed to finish the shooting in about an hour and a half's time.

Ok lah, sorry, now I give you some ok? Please still 'friend' me?

That's a rap! Thanks Yugen, Ben and Bill! =) You guys are Awesome.

Plan B: A baby untempted by toys or milk, she chooses Mister Potato over her "babyhood-buddy".

Model: My baby niece, Divi.

Director cum Photographer: Mummy

Location: Divi's house

"Hee Hee Hee. My Mister Potato. Hee Hee Hee."
(Notice how she shines her smile with Mister potato in hand?)
Contest shot #4

Plan C: A whole big bunch of people craving for the four tubes of Mister Potato I possess. Although being terrified, I still have a handful of crispy chips ready to put into my mouth during my runaway. Whatever come first, Mister Potato comes first!

Models: My counsins, niece, nephews, aunt; High school mates, Shi Ling and brother, Chze Yen, Wai Yan, and none other than Me. =)

Director cum Photographer: Mummy

Location: Symphony Park

Note:From this shot onwards, same models, same director cum photographer, same location.

Goodness! Their hands look so scary that they look like a bunch of hungry ghost. XD
Contest Shot #5

Plan D: Because I won't offer my share of the taste-too-good-Mister-Potato, people tend to get it in a wrong way -- by STEALING!

Plan E goes about the same concept, but at a different background.

Contest Shot #6

Fern:"Eating Mister Potato is like Love is in the Air.."
'Fellow stealers': "Yes, yes, you are getting it already. more gentle! Don't let her realise!"
While Fern still thinks, "This undescribable feeling is indeed like Love is in the Air..Ahh..Mister Potato....Mmmmmm..."

OMG. See how gluttony I am. The chips are all over the shirt and pants.
Contest shot #7

And that's a RAP! Wonderful job done people! I appreciate every single bit of your help.

I'm seriously impressed with everyone's ability of making their expression so so so so so so superduper-ly real. I salute. Special credit goes to Shi Ling and brother (Green and navy green t-shirts respectively based on shot #7) and my cousin (the lady hiding behing the bush based on shot #7).

But wait, I can't be catagorising this way, special credit goes to everyone else on scene! Superb job done, without anyone of you, sorry-lah, no effect. So Each and Everyone makes a HUGE difference.We had so much fun acting in our own world while receiving weird stares from others. Haha. But again, who careS? LOL.

Thanks for the support, AGAIN, Mum! I thought my mum was gonna call me a crazee fella for wanting to join the competition, call this person that person, and spending the whole big Sunday just to take photos. She practically went crazee together with me, help me call, help to direct the photoshoots, think of funny and crazy ideas etc etc. Haha.

Like Mother, like daughther lah, both crazeE CraZEE!

And ya, I submitted 7 entries altogether to Kenny Sia. Desperate for the Kenny Sia-tour guiding-Bangkok trip? Indeed. =P So *hint hint Kenny Sia* (not like he knows my blog. Haha.)


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Kenny Sia's 'Eat A Chip Like Kenny Sia'

Last weekend, to use a single word to describe = crazee..!

Thanks to Kenny Sia's 'Eat A Chip Like Kenny Sia' Contest. I read the post and I was, certainly thrilled..! What? all expense paid Bangkok trip? For 2! Chatuchak Market? And the main main main Attraction of the contest is: Going with, non-other than, Kenny Sia! Him, being the personal tour guide. Ahhh...So Irresistable!

That stirred up my excitement the most when I read about it! XD

I want to go SOOooo Badly. I wanna Bangkok with Kenny! Haha. So I started to think of some wittest, funniest, weirdest, craziest, quirkiest, sexiest shot I can have when I eat Mister Potato, at the same time, trying to imitate the Big Fish-y Jump of Kenny Sia when trying to gulp in for the Mister Potato Chip.

But...he's too good at gulping it that however I tried, I never succeed. LOL.
The very first idea that I got didnt work out. I wanted to borrow Ong Soo Peng's kitty cat to be my model. Alas, he's such a timid creature. He stayed so far away from me when I went to her house. Hello kitty cat, what so scary about a chic carrying few bottles of Mister Potato that wants to pose together with you? You seldom have the chance you know. I feel sorry for you. =P
So first idea failed.

Btw for this 'project', I personally 'hired' Ms Liow Ying Tian as my personal photograher. We got to come out with a second idea to save the wasted time, to make me win the contest, to make Kennysia, CHOOSE ME! XD

Think Think Think...And Ms Brilliant Ong Soo Peng came out with a pretty good idea. So, ok, Let's go to the beach.
This time I will be using Mr Khor Jie Xun as my model. I pleaded him for a while and make him'melt' and yup, he finally agreed. So after picking him up from his very-far-from-town residence, off we went to a very 'ulu'-undiscovered-unrevealed part of Pulau Pinang, Pulau Betong. (I didnt know there's another Pulau in my Pulau). But the place is surely breathe-taking.

So once landed, I hurried on to set things up and think of some good shots angle. While, the happy couple, enjoying a hell of a great time, sweetly enjoying their moments together. They don't even realise it was the 2pm glaring sunlight. I reckon the heat of sun is still the warmest warmth when love is in the air. Adui..!

Alright, let's start work.

Plan B is actually like this: A beach guy having great indulgance in Mister Potato, enjoying every crips, every bits. Too good that even hot bikini babe is unnoticable. How can???! But yup, thats the magical power of Mister Potato.

See, this guy, doesnt even when to look at me but prefer to munch his Mister Potato. What happen to the world these days? Mister Potato has ruled the WOrld?

(Btw, I didnt mean to say that I'm the hot bikini babe, but I've no choice, but to feature myself in the photo. Cant think of any substitute in such short time. XD ) Ahh...Do u think this is just a stupid excuse to want to be in the photo? Haha!

We took some first few shots but didnt workout.

He somehow didnt look like he's got he Best crispy Chips in town. And I somehow also didnt look like I'm angry at him for being not interested in me?! Apa la!

We then tried different pose.

Suddenly he indulge..

Suddenly he looked like he was forced to eat?

But anyhow we know Mister Potato tastes Yum! Haha.

After some hours until he glaring hot sun, I announced: That's a rap!

We are done! =)

Thanks Liow Ying Tian and her other half, Khor Jie Xun!

I'm gonna Bangkok with Kenny! =)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tattoos for my body.

It was a celebration of Art Day for my College organised by CAPS (Creative Arts And Performing Society) of our college.

We had painted-face humans walking around, henna on hand, painting on arms, tattoos on face and arm etc etc.

*Didnt manage to take some pictures of them*

Since people are so excited about getting one of the parts painted, I want to get my face painted!

And since I had to wait long for Face-painters, I decided to get a temporary tattoo instead.

Cant decide where I want to put it, so...Esther suggested, amd I finally think...I should put it..


I like my FAKE tattoo. Especially the Red Rose.

It is a figure of a Black Dragon clutching on a Red Rose.

And I was the first outrageous one to put it There. Hehe. Too attractive. XD (eh, I mean the tattoo, not anything else)

Esther got a Henna for herself.

And happily we headed back home. =)