Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tattoos for my body.

It was a celebration of Art Day for my College organised by CAPS (Creative Arts And Performing Society) of our college.

We had painted-face humans walking around, henna on hand, painting on arms, tattoos on face and arm etc etc.

*Didnt manage to take some pictures of them*

Since people are so excited about getting one of the parts painted, I want to get my face painted!

And since I had to wait long for Face-painters, I decided to get a temporary tattoo instead.

Cant decide where I want to put it, so...Esther suggested, amd I finally think...I should put it..


I like my FAKE tattoo. Especially the Red Rose.

It is a figure of a Black Dragon clutching on a Red Rose.

And I was the first outrageous one to put it There. Hehe. Too attractive. XD (eh, I mean the tattoo, not anything else)

Esther got a Henna for herself.

And happily we headed back home. =)


Ying Tian Liow said...

nice the tatoo. put there ah, very 'bright' lo. eyes sure sun bian go down and down.....
like this

(.) (.)


Chin Fern said...

Aiyoyoy, liow ying tian. don't so hiao. Wahahahahaha..I didnt say anything yellow also.
But u know what, some of my guy frens dare not really look to see what it is. They asked me to tell them.

hazel said...

heyz, i'm here againz! hahahahz, eiihz, no wOnder larh, i tot u sendiri draw eii. ermmz, dat is a goOd spot ya for ur tatoo XD

Aaron Lee said...

hahaha tian ar tian see i told u d have a dirty mind la still wanna deny it hahaha