Sunday, June 1, 2008

Johor Day Out

After my KL trip, we decided to take a bus down to Johor Bahru to visit my dearest sister who is currently reciting there.

When we reached finally reached Johor Bahru at Larkin Bus Terminal. Me and my mum were walking around waiting for my sister to pick us up at the bus terminal.

We spotted a happy duo of a cameraman and a host walking around trying to get some interview 'victims' i guess. Holding a RTM microphone, I know for sure they are from RTM.


I was right indeed. A demure Malay girl was their first target. She looked overwhelm after the interview, like: OMG! I'm interviewed by RTM. I must asked my mother, my father, my brother, my sister, and my friends; my uncle, my aunty, my grandmother, my counsins, my enemy to watch. Let them be envy.

And ya, I was just exaggerating. Hehe.

I wonder what they asked.

Next up, a petite Malay fella.

Why all only Malays? (No racisim intended, for real.)

I wonder more, what they asked.

Following, was an Indian interviewee.

Eh, Mr RTM Host, this two Gorgeous Chinese Ladies from Penang so free standing there, you don't want to ask us anything ar? We very smart you know.

The funny thing is, everytime they spotted a interviewee, my mum will definately go very very near to see what is he asking and what is he answering.

And Finally..

Hey, thats my MUM! Why she is speaking to a mic.........? And a camera shooting her.......?

Oh..Yes! She finally got spotted! As I said, she always go very very near to the crew when anybody is interviewed. After her fourth attempt, she finally got spotted. Haha.

And she posed like a Model. I mean TRY TO pose like a Model. Eh, Mom Mom, good try, but, erm...not like a Model la, sorry. =P

Giving her utmost knowledgable opinion.

" I think this should be....and....they ought to warn them.....if not they don't know...they won't know....."

Haha. After she was interviewed, she got more excited then the Malay girl that I exaggerated just now!

*Upon Phey Chien's request, RTM host actually asked about: What is your view on the children-kidnap syndicate? What is the right measure the curb the issue? *

"Haha. I'll be on TV. I must sms my friends to watch it." (Aiyo my mummy.) "That cameraman told me I gave a fantastic answer. Good Good!""But, aiya, I forgot to ask him when will it be aired! " (Oops..! We went off right after the interview.)

I told her to watch RTM everyday, every second, then she will know when it's out. =P

We met up with my sister and she brought us for lunch at Sundanese restaurant to eat Sudanese Food.

It's hard for us to meet each other that much, since one is at North and another at South, we decided to take more photos together.

Actually, I'm the one who asked for the numerous shots, because I thought I didn't look The Best in the first two photos. XD

Third one didnt look The Best either..hmmm.

Now let's have some food..

How gluttony they eat, is how tasty the food is.

So how do you rate judging through their expression and the size of their mouth? *sniggers*

We went to Danga Bay at night. It's something like Gurney Drive in Penang, but not as HOT as Gurney is. In fact, very different lah, in terms of the Crowd and FOOD!

I Love Food in Penang. I reckon all Penangnites are all the time pampared with Paradise of Food, as I somehow always lost my appetite when I am out of Penang. Hmmm..Over-pampared that is.

But But, good thing is I seldom gain weight even I go travelling. However, the case differ if I happen to meet good local food guides. =S They often tempt me and make me eat and eat especially if i tell them "I'm actually control my food intake." =D

(Or in another words, "I'm on diet la")

Being very excited seeing a long-lashes plastic baby horse, I tried to fit myself onto it.

I had to push my big butt onto the tiny 'only-meant-for-kids' square-sized seat.

An oversized kid over an undersized horse. (But luckily it still fits.)


trinie said...

haha wei funny la XD must watch RTM news everyday! XD

Chin Fern said...

Haha. Ya. If not how to know when will my mum be aired? LOL.