Friday, May 30, 2008

I, have a Multi-Millionaire Mind!

This blog was unattended for a couple of weeks. (Sorry, readers. (Although I do realise, I don't have a whole full spectrum of readers YET) )

The owner was occupied with uncountable events. Was also away from Penang, learning and hopping around KL and Johor Bahru.

On the 22th May I took a bus down to KL with my mum.

My coloured nails then were already losing its beauty but I don't have time for recolouring at home. And I was tooooo vain. So...

I brought my pink nail polish to paint in the bus. I grab the time when the bus stopped to apply and stop immediately when it moved. so thankfully I managed to finish one hand. Hee! Very V-A-I-N, I know. Hello, it's. just. a. seminar!

The 3-day seminar I went, Multi-Millionaire Mind Intensive, was a great blast with a participation of a near 5000 people. Imagine the crowd, especially during toilet and meal breaks. =S However, we did some jaw-dropped, extraordinary at the same time slighty, unbelievable exercises.

#Day 1

First up, was about burning our Tangible Truly Authentic Not-Fake-At-All Usable M100 paper note! No joke! We were asked to bring RM100 note, of course, not knowing what are we supposed to do with it. Eikk..! Burning it with Real fire was the last thing anybody would think of! Do this calculation quick: RM100 x 4,800 ppl = RM 480 000 approx burnt! Cra-zee!

Before that, many people was trying to bring out the biggest value of note they had with them. Some with US 100$, some England 50 pounds, some HongKong dunno how much. When the trainer announced it, they quickly change into some notes of smaller value, in this case, Malaysian Ringgit. -.-

I initially dare not let go of my RM100 note. eh, RM100 ok? My own RM100 ok? But anyhow, I manage composed myself to the idea that if I don't let go of my RM100, how am I able to earn back a million ringgit or preferbably a million US Dolar? Right Right? So, OK! Burn-lah.

(Notice my pink nails? XD)

We were lining up ready to walk towards the candle used to burn the Money$$. Happily and Innocently, I thought,YEAY, RM 100 burnt, US 1 000 000 $ come.

Half-way through, "Ok, guys, that was just a test to see how you respond to the exercise. Now, get back to your place!" A HUMONGOUS sigh of relief and cheers filled the entire hall. You can't imagine how these people felt, it's like they already a Million Dolars. People used to say The Power of Love, now this explains The Power of Money. Haha.

Skip #Day 2

# Day 3
(Warning: The follwing post will be out-of-the-mind outrageous stuntman act, please to do attempt to demonstrate it by your own, nobody will be of responsibility if you do. Please, Life is precious!)

You see or not? ARROWBREAK EXERCISE! Don't siao siao! We performed stunt even. Seriously, we did.

Everyone were asked to sign a Release Form, so that no parties are to be blamed or put on reponsibility if anything unfortunate were to happen. But hehe, touch wood lah.

Before we started our 'stunts', each group of ten were given a thick hand glove, rubber goggles and the main act of the day, The Arrow.

The Arrow actually has a nice aroma of wood. Smell so nice...emmmm...

Some people were so "depressed" having to do the exercise or even just to sign the release form, they tried to...

kill themselves? Apa-la.

And they just wouldnt stop trying.

With The Arrow, we were asked to write down our fears towards money. And make a breakthrough by breaking The Arrow using your the soft part of the neck, the fleshy part. I wrote down my fears.


"Your fear is using money? Then why do you need money since everything is about using money?"

"No need to live la. Or better give me your money, I'll be more than willing to spend."

Yayayaya...That's why I'm making a breakthrough. Break The Arrow, and from then onwards, Use Money! Good or Good?

3, 2, 1...ACTION

Break it with all your might and trust. Belive, I can!


I did.

Our whole group did. In fact, the whole 4,780 participants did it.

It was such a thrill we made it through. Overcoming our fears and obstacles. We, made it. We, have a Multi-Millionaire Mind. =)

Meet Paul. So old yet so young. XD and so Fun!

This trip to KL was a great learning and breakthrough.

Thankfully me and my mum's accomodation were so well taken care of. Thanks to Uncle Su. But what I miss most about the house is...

this black little thing that jumps and runs enthusiastically when it sees us everytime. The little Blackie.

But see how cute can it get when it grows really big. Bark like don't know what already la.


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