Friday, May 9, 2008

" I'm indeed Special ", says who?

This very person, lets call him Mr.G, suddenly just sent me this 'I'm-so-pissed-off'' message on friendster.


Subject: SPECIAL?

Message: Act like ur so special? I think a bloody whore like u is a waste of my time, money, n energy. BYE!


Wah, summore use the term 'bloody whore'...!

This leave me bewildered. HUH? What? Why? What happened?

I tried to recall what have I done, nothing..nothing seemed to be wrong. Not at all.

I think the reason he sent me that message because he didnt reply me after I've responded to his msg in msn? Eh, hello, You are one who didnt respond and now u are angry of me? Tell me where's the rationale?

He was asking me: "Hello. How was your day?"

I replied: "Hi. I'm fine thanks."
(I dont seem to be answering his question. =S least i did respond..!)

As I was too busy, I off my msn some time later, without saying goodbye to him. He didnt respond to me, so why bother? HaH.

Btw, we don't even know each other well. He just added me in msn a week ago. -.-

Anyway, I replied his friendster message.



Oh ok...As you wish.

I offend nothing nor anybody to be scolded by you. So now who's the 'bloody whore' it may seem?

Btw I'm indeed Special. In fact everyone else is. If not why would you send me this message? And if you think I wasted 'time, money, n energy', when we actually merely know each other, you could the most pathetic person on earth. Don't you think so?

Anyway good luck in your life.


Eh, my message is so true ok. I'm indeed Special. If not why does he have to be so angry because he miss the chance to talk to me because of his own fault? I don't know him well.. But still he can get so angry over it? So now, really doesnt he agree that I'm indeed Special?

Who says not?

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