Saturday, May 10, 2008

Tribute to My Mum

You Raise Me Up.

My Ever-Dearest Mummy, Maryirene Ooi,

I love thinking,
Reminisce events by events,
Fliping through pages of you……

Your footprints, all the time, by my side
Whatever I wish, whatever I do, whatever I want,
You stand by me, held me strong,
Even if I ever fall,
Your petite body never fail to hold me,
Your small figure pours out
the GREATEST support ever found on earth.
Mum, Thank You.

You always give me what you could,
The love, the kisses, the hugs, the passion,
Tugged me in with a great sense of confidence;
You lead me the path to walk L.I.F.E,
The advice, the reminders, the scoldings,
They are like flies around my ears, (only SOMETIMES)
But I know so well,
They are just some sweetest candy on earth
coated with thick bitter gourd syrup. Yucks!
Mum, Thank you.

You are Extraordinary.
You always do what other don’t.
Impossibles are never in your dictionary,
Sometimes, even if I have the wildest dreams,
You still show the most genuine encouragement,
You form me more than what I can be.
Mum, Thank you.

My best-ever-best moments on earth,
Are all the time spent with you.
You raise me up,
You light up my life,
You shower the love,
You sparkle my eyes,
You laugh like nobody’s business with me,
You hold my hands tight,
YOU made me who am I today.
Mum, Thank you.

You are the Best gift God has ever given to me,
You are my Mother, my Friend, My Star,
The Emperess of my Heart.

You know well the things we have done togther are more than what I wrote.
I have too many to write, too little space to offer.
If I continued, this post will forever never end.
But don't worry, they are all already saved in my heart.

And I want to say again,


Happy Mothers' Day to every Greatest Mother on Earth!

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