Thursday, December 30, 2010

If Things Got Steamier

If things got steamier

If things really got steamier, tell me, what would you do next?

On a dusk @Port Dickson
[Holga 135BC]

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Look What I've Got!

Haha. Do you want to go out of your mind and take a wild guess what I've just bought? Okay, actually more what my mum have paid the bill for?

Wahaha. Or maybe you don't really care. Hehe.

Well, take a look at this! :)


My purple hottie!

Hip Hop has never been part of my dressing sense. Seriously, if you see me many times enough, or just any one time, you'll know that my daily 'Dressing-up Game' has never included hip hop style. I guess it is because it's just not my thing. Hehe.

I don't know how I was suddenly so drawn towards ankle-high sneakers recently, I believe most of the influence come from all the other dancer friends of mine from my vocal school! Gees. They have them in so many shocking traffic lights colours!

I don't like how bulky these shoes are and how bulky it will make me look since I am already quite a big size person and also especially I have a giant pair of feet.

But anyway, this very one day, on a Monday night, I walked into Pull and Bear at One Utama and spotted one also purplish and also an ankle-high, but in a male size. I took it off from its rack and placed it beside my right foot, stood sideways and look into the mirror on my right side. From a distance, it was as if I was putting in my foot into the shoes.

Well, this shoes does look good on me babeh. haha. But I don't find a reason why I should get it since I don't dress that way. So I put it back to the rack and pick on the females' shoes rack instead.

I came back to Penang and went to a sports apparel retail. Spotted another pair purple ankle-high sneakers and went even more excited after looking at the price! So excited, but I still didn't get it. I still can't find a reason why I should get something I don't usually wear.

Over Christmas, I went to Singapore. Subconsciously, my brain was pushing my body into every Puma boutique that I walked passed. To my dismay, they do not have that colour in the entire Singapore, according to one shopkeeper. Sigh.

I was a tinge bit worried that what I saw wasn't what I saw and all that purple Puma shoes that I saw was an illusion in me that was formed due to my sudden arise of interest in ankle-highs!

Haha. Wtf. Suddenly so creepy.

Anyway, after I came back from Singapore, I goreng a reason to bring my mum back to the shop where I saw my first love. Hahahah. Anyway, so here it is! :D


I tried on and my mum happily bought it! Weeeheee. Awesome or not!

Now I really have to dig into my wardrobe and see what can I do to my purple hottie! Await some different Dressing Up game from me!


So much love for it! :)

A bit of Commercial break, here's a wish of HAPPY NEW YEAR IN ADVANCE! :)

One more day and we'll be stepping in a brand new 2011! Make your resolutions and commit to achieving it. I've stopped making resolutions since few years ago, fear of not achieving it at the end of the day. This year, I promised myself to make my 2011 a great year and I will list my new year resolutions and really achieve it! I've enough of not-so-great years slipping by with a blink of an eye, with no proper aim and not so much of sense of achievement, so this year I am to make it really awesome.

That's my word.

Well, life is great, IF YOU choose to make it so!

So, have a great 2011 lovely people! :)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hi-Bye post

O-M-G. *stretches out eyeballs and mouth* Hiiiiiii! Omg, long time no see! *big hug* Omg, how are you……….!!!

That’s what always happens when I suddenly bump into someone that I havn’t been keeping in touch or someone that I never expect to see that someone anytime, anywhere like that.

This time ‘this long-time-no-see’ person that I’m referring to, is actually this

Wahahahah, how much more lamer can I be, man. But indeed, it’s been sometime since I updated this writing space of mine, which I love when I have the mood to, and I disguise when I’m forced to update it. Well, nobody forces me to, is just that a lot of times, I write halfway in my blog draft and left it hanging for it to-be-continued the next time, but I just never really regain that enthusiasm to write until the last fullstop.

So now, I am (part time) back! Hehe.

And then I don’t know what else to say already.


Writer’s block. (is an excuse).

Because I am so bloordy distracted by the Singaporean drama series that my sister is watching. ARGH. I’m wearing my headphones, put on Jay Chou’s music to stop myself from being distracted.



No time to write already. Sorry for wasting a tinge bit of your time.


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

12, 500 PV

My brain has been working its maths ever since the day I was exposed with this figure.

Nope, not a number of monetary value, but a target to achieve right on the last day of October.

I have failed myself with promises for so many times, but it is also because I failed that's why I have to SUCEED this time.

For myself; and for my mum that has done more than what a mother can do for her child; and my dad, whom has reached his time to take pride of his daughter; and my sister, who never forgets to tell me 'You're the best in my heart!' everytime when I did not win as I wanted to.

My first bull's eye would be 12,500, right this month.

I will not say it's woopeedoopee easy; It can't be as hard either. It would just be a choice of whether I am hitting this target or not.

This time, I am choosing to throw right at that seductive bull's eye.

Bull's eye
Photo by Joanna-M, taken from Flikr.

Seductive because my mum just said that bull's eye will bring me my long long long dreamt for DSLR.


Well, what's next?

Just like what Nike likes to say: Just DO IT, babeh!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Want more juice?

Too diplomatic a blog post, you think?


Well, things can get a little juicier if you like it that way!

Be right back, stay tune. :)

Halo Forest Concert cum Graduation cum Results Show

Now finally I’m free for my weekends!

Our concert last Thursday had put a meaningful bookmarked page to some of us, and paved a more affirmed new path for the great dream in all of us. The big bosses had had their verdict said and each of us got our own envelope of destination.

A whole lot will further their training as potential up-and-coming artists, while a whole other, will be trained as singer-songwriter. Haha. I am making this so professional and ‘macho’ sounding. But well, yes, I’m in the up-and-coming singer-songwriter group, IF the seeds sow and the fruits reaped.

The awesome composing group that I am in :) Oh, and spot me!

Initially, that wasn’t exactly my ideal choice of category. It never is. I never thought I would be put in that category as well. Never once it flashes passed my mind, but the truth proved it otherwise…… Too many stories, I think I shall put this in another post.

Since end of May this year, I have been caught up with my ‘secret’ activity every weekend till last week.

‘Secret’ because I have never bother to spend some little time to update something about it in my blog, ‘secret’ because I never blow it up in my facebook, although there are photos here and there but no full details were given, ‘secret’ because I didn’t let every single friends or family that I know about this training that I’m undergoing unless they ask. BUT, also not-so-much of a secret because this supposedly ‘secret’ activity actually made me lost my job (which I was very glad anyway, hehe).

My 'secret' group of friends that undergo the 'not-so-secretive-anymore' operation with me :)

Other stories aside, the concert we had last Thursday was a good one, indeed!

Set on a theatre hall at KL Pac, with brightly coloured cozy cushion seats, accompanied with such viewing and listening pleasure by all these hidden talents, and sometimes a few hints of humour too. There were dancing groupies, strutting their moves and grooves; those with powerful vocals played their part in wowing the crowd; some brought their acting skills alive, bringing out real life soppy story brought the audience to tears. Some jokers were too funny, the audience had stomach muscles ache laughing too hard.


I have always heard of KL Pac but been there. So when I was driving towards the place, I was all in awe on my maiden visit! Such a hidden gem, such an artistic artsy-fartsy architecture! I suddenly feel proud to be Malaysian! haha.


Yes wor. *shys* HAHA.

The first to kick-start the show was our own version of ‘Step Up 3’; with both good and evil spirit battling on stage.


It was crazy and you must see how hard they practice. Every single time, all the trainers will use them as role models to tell us about the effort needed to put in for the concert. Sometimes, they don’t even take proper meal breaks, just so that they can have extra time for that perfection of a 5-sec movement.


Commitment and burning passion, I’d say. =)

Then there was this fairy tale, with of course a happy ending where the male lead and the female lead got together at the end. The female lead, though petite in size, owns a voice which got most of the audience asking whether is she lip-singing.

One of the cute lamb lamb in the story. I admire their courage and commitment despite their role in the story. :D

She sang ‘Love Story’ by Taylor Swift, and yes, that was her very own voice. That, also, brought her a well-deserved the ‘Best Female Singer’ of the night. One of youngest amongst the rest, people!

This little girl :)

Young people these days. How jealous can I get. Haha.

Then the Rock n’ Roll singers made they already colourful hall even more colourful then ever!


Bringing back Elvis Presley’s Jailhouse Rock and the other good oldies like ‘Yesterday’ and ‘We are the Champion’!

Indeed, we are! If we really want to be!

Suddenly, there’s this very energetic and lively group of performers that brought us back to the high school days! Where we had full-fledge energy to do every single thing, our very first puppy love, had our gigantic dream to change the world and believed strongly that our dreams will come true. 我们的未来不是梦。


That was our powerful innocence that we have all forgotten.


After a short intermission, here comes our collection of talented musicians, strutting their stuff in whatever talents they might have with a live band performance.

What guitar lah, bass guitar lah, drums lah, and keyboard lah. We even incorporated violins and a Er Hu! “Don’t pray pray,” said Phua Chu Kang.


Not forgetting a lot of our amazing backup vocalists too!

I guess this is the best slot to show how good our singing and instrumental talents can be. Well, we were, very very good, if I’d say.

Then there’s MY GROUP - 遇见! HOHOHO.


Ours is a soppy drama where there’s finally such thing as a no-happy-ending, because we have had enough of happy-ever-afters in storybooks and cinemas.

There’s this guy who got to know each other and keep in touch through Msn (or some other social media la I don’t know, maybe they still play ICQ I don’t know). Then fast forward to the ending, after their first dating, the girl never appear again. She left a message before she died. Guy found out, devastated. Sing.


Haha. Oi. So short. Haha. I actually fast forward a lot of small details that will make you cry if you were to watch the drama. Our male lead has the bestest voice ever okay, woahlao. When he sang, he made so many people cried. He himself cried too. So obviously, the Best Actor award goes to him. Bravo to our team! Hehe.

I’m one of the mini singer during the play and one of the mini dancer during the play.

But I have one JUMBO photo of myself to lie to you that will make you think that I’m one of the lead actress. Haha.

Photo credits to Rock Cacing. Thanks to him, my mini role has such privilege to own such big shot. hehe.

Backstage: The 遇见 Team right after our play! :)

Closing act was a Cinderella Parody!

Everything was funny about this drama.

Funny prince that can’t sing, funny king that wants to find a wife for the prince, funny stepmother of Cinderalla, who I think should seriously win an award for her acting on stage, funny 三姑六婆in the story, funniest stepsister of Cinderella and Miss Cinderalla.


cinderella 2
The stepmother is my personal favourite. No one can be a better stepmother than her already. Hah.

This group bagged the most awards, including the Best Show award!

At the end of the concert, a lot of them teared. Our journey thus far, had brought us: joy and laughter, obstacles and challenges, improvement and growth and most importantly, the strong bond in each and every one of us. We have had our achievement, our breakthrough and of course as well, dissatisfaction.


However, all is done. Everything is over. We have reached a total whole new level.

But, that’s just the first level. Tipped toe and see how far the journey has stretched?

We are already here. There’s no turning back.

Let’s pack our bag and head to the next step! =)

Now that this first stage has ended, I have nothing else better to do besides ‘reliving’ this poor abandon http link. Now that this virtual space finally sees light AGAIN, let’s hope this light, yes, as cliché as it may sounds, will never die. Hah.

*Photo credits to especially to Rock Cacing, Alicia and the rest of the people that I steal the photos from. Hehe. The photos from you guys made my blog post a better read. hehe. :)

Monday, August 16, 2010


A stack of info sheets to read.

Many blank stares through the space.

Continues product info sheet.

(Nearly) Dozing off.

Check the time under my sky blue long sleeves work shirt of my hiding watch.


Called-on for 3rd On-job training session of the day.

Hands-on = Less yawns.

Check time.


Tomorrow will be a brighter work day 2! (Pretty please please :D)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

My Standard Chartered KL (Half) Marathon 2010 Run

Yes, this was 3 weeks ago but let's talk about it.

Only my second half marathon, but I was having so much enjoyment completing it.

The entire journey wasn't tough at all.

I mean, haha, of course it was not easy, but determination and persistence worked their magic throughout my run and the happiest thing to celebrate is I broke my own record!

Race location at Dataran Merdeka, beautiful historical place! ;)

I finished the 21km journey in 2:09, which to me is very much an achievement because firstly I haven't been really training for it, secondly, I aimed to time in in 2 hours 15mins and thirdly, in my previous half marathon, I took to 2:40 to finish! Hoho. Major improvement or what. hahah.

Nothing much I can create story to talk about the race, besides a lot of running, a lot more sweat, stepping over a lot hydration sponge, empty cups and banana skins (no, I did not slip, thanks for your concern), a lot of racing with the time and some mini mind chats and oh boy, a lot of honking from drivers getting very impatient at the blocked roads too!

What I really like about this race is that there were cheering teams at a few points of the last 5km of the route. Some gave really energy boosting beats with their percussion sets, some high-5 off your tiredness, some cheered so loud and enthusiastically that you will feel guilty not responding to their enthusiasm by speeding up even a wee bit! I think they really did an amazing job in that. They really help boost up the runners' energy and keep our spirits up and keep us going.


There was one team stationed at Jalan Bukit Bintang that played their percussions so well and happy that you feel like dancing along with their beats with your sore-enough feet.

At one part of the road, there was also this car driving pass the runners, with a Japanese lookalike beauty-queen material hot chic cheering out from the car. Maximised energy-boosting I think, especially for guys. Haha. Not sure whether this is arranged by the organizers though. LOL.

The route, the weather, the atmosphere and the motivation from the cheering team make the entire race super duper awesome.

Haha. Oi. Smile a bit can or not.

When I was nearing the finishing line, the last 200m, both my legs are already screaming. I can feel the tension and pain at my muscles that if I were to go any faster than this, God knows what will happen. But I race through it, going as fast as I could fearing the time will overtake me more and was all finally over. =)


The medal you get at the end of the race made you want to give yourself a pat on the back and throw yourself up in the air and celebrate!

Met a few Penang runner friends that came all the way for the race!




Another new family member to my collection! ;)

I love running!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Disappear, yet again. Hoho.

Helllo! I'm lost. And found again here!

I know this isn't the longest time I have never blogged, which in fact I never really actually blog very frequently, but oh well, like I said, I'm lost. And found again! ;)

I'm gonna put random updates! Just in case you wonder which corner of the world I am at now. (There are not many choices actually, is either Penang or PJ. Both starts with the letter P in this case. Haha. Lame or not.)

So currently, I'm in Penang. Woohoo, nothing else smells better than home! My mum and her ever flowing love and care. Even after getting a bad scolding from her, she will come bringing me the cup of honey lemon that she would make for me everyday to my room. ♥

My dad and his slurp-slurp home cook food that is sometimes too oily, but I don't really care now and him, buying me whatever food that he remembers me liking it, especially a kind of fruit that spells DURIAN, and different kinds of jellys!

My dog and her fluffy brown hair, not giving me any extra attention but I still sayang her. The stupid dog goes to my mum ALL THE TIME. Doesn't she miss me? Haha. Stupid doggggggg.

My aunt, who was a caretaker since I was 4 till I got my driving license when I was 17. Despite all the years, we never really have good relationship together. But ever since I left for PJ, she often asked about me through my mum and finds every opportunity possible to buy me dinner everytime when I'm back.

My high school friends! The annoying UK girl that almost forget how to speak proper Mandarin came back for summer holiday and we went meeting up! Together with another annoying Lee Phey Chien! Haha. Why do I have annoying friends. LOL.


We went to Gurney Plaza, bumped into soooooooooooo many people and the 2 made me watch Twilight: Eclipse. Haha. I never read the book, I have never watched any Twilight movies, heard so much about how bad the movies are and I was actually reluctant to watch but oh well, I was thinking since I will fall asleep in cinemas anyway, if the movie doesn't show any good, I will just sleep in the cinema.

since 2006. ;)

But to my surprise, I kinda like the movie! However, I never fail my routine of falling a sleep half way through a movie in a cinema. Hehe. My friends were rather irritated and dislike the fact that I always fall asleep in movies, but this time around they actually expect me to sleep like they are so used to it. Friends, ♥. HAHA.

Then I went for my run at Botanical Gardens. I don't know how to describe how nice and warmth I felt, shouting 'Hey!' and waving hands to familiar faces, exchanges smiles, seeing enthusiastic runners, laughing out loud after the tiring run and getting back to training ground. So much memories (and sweat).

Then I had to go back to PJ for a weekly singing training which I really enjoyed and learned so much, not forgetting the awesome friends I have too! I hope inspiration hits me and let me blog about this soon!

Sunday night, I rushed back to Penang for World Cup as I have to be back today for my internship presentation in college.


My last day was on 7th July, which coincidentally was ntv7's 12th Anniversary.

I spend my last day going out to town giving out the jellybeano-mashmellow candy bag to the 6 major Chinese press.

It was a fun and relaxing last day of work but I felt bad cos I have to leave my backlog work for the new executive that just joined the company. Hehe. I planned to complete them before I leave but the jellybeans and mashmellows were more important!

My very very nice supervisor/colleagues treated me a farewell Thai food dinner before I left and gave me a lift to the bus terminal as well. So blessed to have them! ;)

More stories on internship soon! (I hope. HAHA.)

Yes, so today was the presentation in college. I was unprepared (because of World Cup la) and the slides were badly done, I wish I could share more about my experience! I wouldn't say I had the best ever experience and the best ever 3 months, but I really did have the chance to widen my horizons, learn and understand new things for sure.

After presentation, we went meeting up with Esteeeee! So much catching up, screaming at each other, gossiping and laughing out loud to do!


Sorry for the putting up the Avatar eyes photo of you Tan Veen Dee, Esther and I looked nice, too bad for you. Hoho.

Okay la, make it up for you. Here is a nice one!


Happy Day! Although I wore orange, I was for Spain this morning. Hehe, lame or not. :P

Anyway, to end this post, an inspiring quote by Esther Tee:
"Once you've decided, stay firm in the game."

I was just telling her about the tough fight towards my dream, her words gave me an affirmation. ;)

Hope this somehow inspire you too! ;)

Update soon!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Run is back!

I'm just done with my run! Munching on my wholesome healthy dinner, green veg salad and 'Happy Fruits Platter' topped with honey while typing this! So me and my table are both very messy right now. Haha.

I'm enjoying my 'fruits platter' very much. Haha. So I'm gonna share my shallow 'secret' here. Haha. It's simple as hell and even those who doesn't know how a frying pan works would know who to do it.

Cut 1 big fuji apple and 1 jumbo size banana (no suggestive ideas intended :P), sprinkle on as many raisins to your liking and top it off with 2 happy tablespoon of honey...

...WALA you are done!

Go try I'm lovin it! ;)

Plus it's healthy, supplies you with necessary energy and you don't have to worry about putting on weight, that's why I named it 'Happy' Fruits Platter in the first place! It replaces whatever energy I've lost during my run and it doesn't gain me extra weight, woohoo!

That was a tiring an hour and 15 mins run.


But this kind of training would never be enough for a half marathon that is gonna take place this Sunday.

I'm joining the half marathon category of the Standard Chartered KL Marathon again this year! ;)

'Again', not because I ran for it last year, but because I paid for it and then I had to go for one of my 'Singapore seminars' and I had to sadly forgo the race. So this time, especially when I'm staying in the kinda-same state where the race is gonna be held, why should I even miss such a big event!

But I've been slacking off a lot in my trainings compared to when I'm in Penang! Shit, no wonder I put on weight. But beside that fact, I'm not sure whether am I prepared for the run, haha, it's a bloody half marathon okay, 21 km; or to be more precised 21.097km. Huhu. Moreover, it's only my 2nd time doing a 21km run! My first was back in 2007 at Penang Bridge Marathon. The rest of the other race that I join is usually within 10km, the other longer one would be the 14km Genting Trail Blazer, that's about it.

Most of time is because I'm too sleepy after coming back from work or I just lack the motivation to do the training, sometimes it is because it rained when I'm so motivated to do my run, hoho, this one not my fault already! HAHA. But yesterday, it was because of the Durian Feast my company had, I was overjoyed with the sight and taste of such awesome fruit that I ate tooooo much than what I've limited myself too. Everybody went wild during the feast anyway, I shouldn't be the outcast. Hehe.

LIKE HELLO IT'S DURIAN! TRY CONTROLLING YOURSELF AND SEE. IT'S A YEARLY SEASONED FRUIT! Not like any Fuji Apple or jumbo banana, IT'S RARE. WHAT MORE WHEN I'M A DURIAN LOVER? Wooohooo. Durian is a bloody Malaysian pride, and my homeland is the place where big truckloads of the fruit come from, I SEE DURIAN MEANS I CANNOT TAHAN. Hoho.

So yes, I am very excited to see how would I perform for this run actually though unprepared. Don't know how many days my muscles will ache. Haha.

Apart from that, my knee has been throwing tantrum for quite a while. I would have this slight pain at the patellar of my knee after my runs, or sometimes even half way through and the pain would really affect my mood to do the run. It hurts also when I dance! Why!

I reckon if I were to left this problem unattended, one day I would not be able to run as crazily, or at least would not be able to perform my best anymore. Woah, I will cry everyday maybe. Haha.

So knee guard is my new best friend now! Although this best friend kinda took away my extra jingles for new pair of shoes, more earrings or new dresses, actually more like my DSLR FUND. T_T BUT I KNOW IT'S FOR GOOD! I try to keep smiling after I pay the bill. Hahaha.

(Haha. What funny photo is this!)


So with all the (lack) of training, a brand new friend to come along for every other my run from now onwards, an exploration to a new running place and a lot of excitement,

I think


I am ready for my Standard Chartered KL Marathon run. ;)

P.S The knee guard really works because of the Aqua Titan element that it has with it. My pain during or after my runs significant reduced to an undistracting level. I'm all happy now! Hehe. If so happy you need a knee guard, check this out. Hope it helps you and make you a happier athlete too! ;)

Friday, June 4, 2010

Over a Cup of Teh Tarik

Met up with Estee on my last trip back in Penang 2 weeks ago.

We had a wonderful catching up session, over a cup of teh tarik.

I always marvel at how the ability of this cup of milk tea that is pulled over two metal vessels back and forth for several times can simply freeze the time out of the world and make the conversation of a whole table of teh-tarik kakis last for the longest time ever.

Sometimes reminiscing old times.

Sometimes gossip updates.

Sometimes verbal sketch of the future.

Me and Estee, were talking about our next step after graduation.

We talked and talked and took some bites on this roti tissue.


We talked about past, about now, and what's next.

We promised each other to hit and catch our dream and flaunt it over teh tarik again one day.

It was some motivating and enlightening conversation that we had.

So much, just over a simple cup of tea. =)

over a cup of tea

Love You Esteee! ;)

P.S Veen Dee if you are reading this, we kept missing you when we were talking. =D

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Compounded facebook status

Just a short 25 mins walk from 1 Utama to my home, so many just ran through my mind. One after another like train containers dashing by my vision.

I was at so much irritation.

If I were to have a device with my to tweet or to update my fb status, your news feed wall would have been spammed with all my rubbish.

Now I compile all my thoughts here, so then I won't flood your news feed wall. hehe.

Update: (this one was when I was still in 1 Utama)
Why was I (kinda) waiting for that DJ to walk by? HAHAHAHAH. No, I am actually concentrating in reading this book. Hmmm. Concentrate.

I get very ultra irritated when I have to wait, yet I am always late. How ironic.

8/10 times when I say 'I wanna run today', it will definitely rain. Like today. T_T

I used to be cash-rich. I want to be like that again. very very much. I really hate how I am right now. =(

I wonder what job should I be in to make me feel very happy because now I get irritated and grumpy often because of my job. -.- Luckily I am leaving alone, no one I can complain to nor hear me complain.

Bloody hell. Wolf-whistling is not a form of compliment. So please STFU, if not I POTONG you.

The security guards that I meet everyday, besides saying hi or hello to me, sometimes they like tell me to: Beli kereta la. Seeing that I can only walk everyday to wherever I want to go. Even the guards from office, who watches the traffic for me, sometimes ask me to drive to work, cos usually, by the time I reach office, my shirt would be already wet and I'll be busy wiping my sweat off. I mean they are asking out of kindness, but WHY ARE THEY MAKING OWNING A CAR LIKE SUCH AN EASY THING? u mean no need money one is it. T_T Why don't they own a car then?

Okay, enough rubbish in 25mins I think.

I update some happy thing soon! ;)

Friday, May 28, 2010

Car Sauna

Car sauna works awesome!

I just had it for 10mins and I sweated like I stood under the pouring rain. I was drenched in the perspiration and even my water proof eyeliner smudged. haha.

I was going out to the Youth'10 festival at PWTC with Veen Dee's car she lended me for the weekend. I went in, plucked in the car and turned on the engine and 'eeekkkk....' goes the car.

Shit. This doesn't sound good.

'eeeekkkkk....' That was already my fourth attempt.

When I went in, the car was hot like nobody-nobody-but-you's business inside cos the sun was really scorching hot. After like 2 minutes, the weather just turned gloomy. The next sec it started drizzling. The next next next next sec (that's 4 secs later), it started raining. Then now it is pouring like nobody-nobody-but-you's business when I'm writing this.

So during the whole rapid change of weather, I was in the heated car reply text, making calls, getting numbers and continuing my what seemed to be useless engine-starting attempt.

My sweat just kept dripping down from my forehead. They were crawling down from my back and was absorbed onto my nicely-dressed outfit. and like i said, my waterproof eyeline couldn't handle so much wetness and it smudges.

So much for a waterproof eyeline.

So when I walked out from the car, I was as if unsheltered from the cat-and-dog-ish rain outside me. I was so wet, in my sweat.

So, yes, Car sauna works wonders! Next time if you don't have any place for a good sauna, try this way. Stay in the car for 10mins with all your windows shut, engine off of course and walaa, F.O.C sauna in the house yo!

Oh the reason why Veen Dee lended me her is also because she went back to hometown today! I followed her to at LCCT at 3.30am in the morning and drove back to my house for the weekend. woohoo. SOHAPPYYEAYNESS! ;)

We had a good chat at Coffee Bea n before she left for the plane and we use the foam of our latte to take WE'VE GOT MILK photo! hehe.


Failed attempt though. Stupid shit.

When I was driving back, the sun was still rising and the colour of the sun is sooo beautiful! ;)


Oh, some might wonder why am I so smart that I know the roads even when I have never driven in PJ.

This, is the secret. =)


She bloody has a name called Karen. -.-

Saturday, May 22, 2010

My Dear Bangkok, what has happened to you?

In my work, i do media monitoring.

and that's, just, another macho way of saying: Newspaper reading.

That's one of the most important thing i do everyday, without it I can't continue the rest of my routine.

Honestly, seriously, frankly, dengan jujur sekali, 说真的, I don't like my job.

But being under an internship, a lot of times, is not for you to like or don't like, you just have to do it, even if you are not paid for something you dislike doing it.

If you are lucky enough, you would be arranged to something you like to do, be so happy with it and it will become your very memorable stage in life.

If not, the only thing you can do is, to LEARN to like to do it.

That's how my situation is now, learn to like to do it and find thrills in my job. (Like how a radio DJ casually came into my office, gave me an undescribable happy smile, melted me at that instant and I am still trying to get over it.)

Yes, for those who has my facebook, the veryhardtoreadsomethinglikethis status is still all over the place.

Back to the topic.

After one and a half months, although there have been perks in my job, I'm still at the learning-to-like my job stage. I did learn quite something, but not exactly towards the area I would want to venture into.

So today, of course, again I was doing the 'media monitoring', I came across a chinese article about Bangkok. The title reads: My Dear Bangkok, What has happened to you? For those who read mandarin, it's 亲爱的曼谷,你怎么了?

That few words gave a punch at my beating heart.

Near to half a year ago, I was there, having my happy holiday, with few of my closes friend.


Today, it came to this stage of catastrophe.

Photo taken from Internet

Central World was burnt down. A building which once stood proud as Asia's 2nd largest complex. Now it's became into ashes that passerbys will sigh and can only reminise its glory, once.

Photo taken from Internet

I am aware that Bangkok is rather notorious with its pretty shaken and unstable politics and social safety. This could be no surprise to those that have been predicting this to happen in any near future, when the time would be right.

I recalled our after-exam holiday in this whimsical city. I was so thrilled with the interesting and cheap goods on some simplest set-up stalls by the walking streets, just at any corner of the city. But our first stop, was exactly around the area of Central World shopping complex.

It was Christmas season, everywhere was lighted up and every malls were trying to outbeat each other to be win the visitor's choice of best decorated mall; but Central World's was the show-stopper. No one could stop taking a second look at the magnificient tall Christmas tree and how the other mascots were trying to spread the joy of Christmas. Things were just so merrily happy!


VeenDee, Haan and me even stopped over at the very famous Four-Face Buddha of Erawan Shrine diagonally opposite Central World complex for some prayers and blessings. And then off we went unleashing the shopaholic soul of us, woohoo!

There were also quite a number of mini food push-cart right in front of the walkway of Central World, so many variety that you don't even know which to choose. I remembered I kept telling Esther I wanted to look for some barbequed insects to fear-factor myself! Funny enough there were only one push-cart that has that barbequd fear-factor food, and it didnt look clean enough, so I cancelled the thought. But we went on for other food hunt and got ourselves some yums-looking-funny-tasting pork balls and octupus.


THE OCTOPUS YUMMMMMMS TO THE MAX! (no photo cos too yummmms forgot to take)

But where all these now?

The once very lovely and a city where people around the world MUST and CONFIRM WILL visit at least once in their lifetime, now is badly bruised and torn apart.

This is not a beauty pageant diplomatic line but where is the love, peace and harmony?

The welcoming smile the people put on their faces has turned from a upward crescent to a downwards one. Crying grimace and bleeding images are all over the headlines. The helpless and innocent ones have to go through all the fights and calamity, just because some people's emotions has taken its toll over their rationale.

However, thank God that the leaders of the Red Shirts was finally turned in and surrender earlier this week. Thank God.

I'm definitely not a Thai although every Thai actually mistaken me as one when I was in Bangkok and spoke Thai to me and I always have to give them the lost face and some of them still never get it. But I really love Bangkok, I really want it to come to a peaceful fullstop, I want still want people from around the world to be able to experience this 'lovely' city with a peace of mind, I really want everybody to also have a share of my joy of shopping in Bangkok.


This civil war in Bangkok actually made me appreciate the lack of freedom of expression in Malaysia more. Although sometimes things can be really hard for us, this one cannot, that one cannot, lack of rights, racism and etc, but at the very least, our government comes from a point where war like this will never get to errupt. At least the lives of innocence would never be put on a balance beam and taken for a bet, and there's peace and harmony in the place we live.

Peace yo!

So My Dear Bangkok, I would not know when you'll be revamped into an original state, make no more 'bloody' news in the headlines and shine like you always do. But Get Well Soon okay! I would like to go back to Chaktuchak Market and Khao San Road again, see your congested floating market (I missed it the last trip) and (preferbably not) go through the traffic jams that you'll always have on the roads. Oh and also really make it a point to EAT FEAR-FACTOR BBQ INSECTS.

SDC16248 copy
(without forgetting about my passport ANYMORE! hoho, i'll tell you about my forgotten passport next time)


Bangkok, jiayou jiayou jiayou! ;)