Monday, July 12, 2010

Disappear, yet again. Hoho.

Helllo! I'm lost. And found again here!

I know this isn't the longest time I have never blogged, which in fact I never really actually blog very frequently, but oh well, like I said, I'm lost. And found again! ;)

I'm gonna put random updates! Just in case you wonder which corner of the world I am at now. (There are not many choices actually, is either Penang or PJ. Both starts with the letter P in this case. Haha. Lame or not.)

So currently, I'm in Penang. Woohoo, nothing else smells better than home! My mum and her ever flowing love and care. Even after getting a bad scolding from her, she will come bringing me the cup of honey lemon that she would make for me everyday to my room. ♥

My dad and his slurp-slurp home cook food that is sometimes too oily, but I don't really care now and him, buying me whatever food that he remembers me liking it, especially a kind of fruit that spells DURIAN, and different kinds of jellys!

My dog and her fluffy brown hair, not giving me any extra attention but I still sayang her. The stupid dog goes to my mum ALL THE TIME. Doesn't she miss me? Haha. Stupid doggggggg.

My aunt, who was a caretaker since I was 4 till I got my driving license when I was 17. Despite all the years, we never really have good relationship together. But ever since I left for PJ, she often asked about me through my mum and finds every opportunity possible to buy me dinner everytime when I'm back.

My high school friends! The annoying UK girl that almost forget how to speak proper Mandarin came back for summer holiday and we went meeting up! Together with another annoying Lee Phey Chien! Haha. Why do I have annoying friends. LOL.


We went to Gurney Plaza, bumped into soooooooooooo many people and the 2 made me watch Twilight: Eclipse. Haha. I never read the book, I have never watched any Twilight movies, heard so much about how bad the movies are and I was actually reluctant to watch but oh well, I was thinking since I will fall asleep in cinemas anyway, if the movie doesn't show any good, I will just sleep in the cinema.

since 2006. ;)

But to my surprise, I kinda like the movie! However, I never fail my routine of falling a sleep half way through a movie in a cinema. Hehe. My friends were rather irritated and dislike the fact that I always fall asleep in movies, but this time around they actually expect me to sleep like they are so used to it. Friends, ♥. HAHA.

Then I went for my run at Botanical Gardens. I don't know how to describe how nice and warmth I felt, shouting 'Hey!' and waving hands to familiar faces, exchanges smiles, seeing enthusiastic runners, laughing out loud after the tiring run and getting back to training ground. So much memories (and sweat).

Then I had to go back to PJ for a weekly singing training which I really enjoyed and learned so much, not forgetting the awesome friends I have too! I hope inspiration hits me and let me blog about this soon!

Sunday night, I rushed back to Penang for World Cup as I have to be back today for my internship presentation in college.


My last day was on 7th July, which coincidentally was ntv7's 12th Anniversary.

I spend my last day going out to town giving out the jellybeano-mashmellow candy bag to the 6 major Chinese press.

It was a fun and relaxing last day of work but I felt bad cos I have to leave my backlog work for the new executive that just joined the company. Hehe. I planned to complete them before I leave but the jellybeans and mashmellows were more important!

My very very nice supervisor/colleagues treated me a farewell Thai food dinner before I left and gave me a lift to the bus terminal as well. So blessed to have them! ;)

More stories on internship soon! (I hope. HAHA.)

Yes, so today was the presentation in college. I was unprepared (because of World Cup la) and the slides were badly done, I wish I could share more about my experience! I wouldn't say I had the best ever experience and the best ever 3 months, but I really did have the chance to widen my horizons, learn and understand new things for sure.

After presentation, we went meeting up with Esteeeee! So much catching up, screaming at each other, gossiping and laughing out loud to do!


Sorry for the putting up the Avatar eyes photo of you Tan Veen Dee, Esther and I looked nice, too bad for you. Hoho.

Okay la, make it up for you. Here is a nice one!


Happy Day! Although I wore orange, I was for Spain this morning. Hehe, lame or not. :P

Anyway, to end this post, an inspiring quote by Esther Tee:
"Once you've decided, stay firm in the game."

I was just telling her about the tough fight towards my dream, her words gave me an affirmation. ;)

Hope this somehow inspire you too! ;)

Update soon!

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