Sunday, July 18, 2010

My Standard Chartered KL (Half) Marathon 2010 Run

Yes, this was 3 weeks ago but let's talk about it.

Only my second half marathon, but I was having so much enjoyment completing it.

The entire journey wasn't tough at all.

I mean, haha, of course it was not easy, but determination and persistence worked their magic throughout my run and the happiest thing to celebrate is I broke my own record!

Race location at Dataran Merdeka, beautiful historical place! ;)

I finished the 21km journey in 2:09, which to me is very much an achievement because firstly I haven't been really training for it, secondly, I aimed to time in in 2 hours 15mins and thirdly, in my previous half marathon, I took to 2:40 to finish! Hoho. Major improvement or what. hahah.

Nothing much I can create story to talk about the race, besides a lot of running, a lot more sweat, stepping over a lot hydration sponge, empty cups and banana skins (no, I did not slip, thanks for your concern), a lot of racing with the time and some mini mind chats and oh boy, a lot of honking from drivers getting very impatient at the blocked roads too!

What I really like about this race is that there were cheering teams at a few points of the last 5km of the route. Some gave really energy boosting beats with their percussion sets, some high-5 off your tiredness, some cheered so loud and enthusiastically that you will feel guilty not responding to their enthusiasm by speeding up even a wee bit! I think they really did an amazing job in that. They really help boost up the runners' energy and keep our spirits up and keep us going.


There was one team stationed at Jalan Bukit Bintang that played their percussions so well and happy that you feel like dancing along with their beats with your sore-enough feet.

At one part of the road, there was also this car driving pass the runners, with a Japanese lookalike beauty-queen material hot chic cheering out from the car. Maximised energy-boosting I think, especially for guys. Haha. Not sure whether this is arranged by the organizers though. LOL.

The route, the weather, the atmosphere and the motivation from the cheering team make the entire race super duper awesome.

Haha. Oi. Smile a bit can or not.

When I was nearing the finishing line, the last 200m, both my legs are already screaming. I can feel the tension and pain at my muscles that if I were to go any faster than this, God knows what will happen. But I race through it, going as fast as I could fearing the time will overtake me more and was all finally over. =)


The medal you get at the end of the race made you want to give yourself a pat on the back and throw yourself up in the air and celebrate!

Met a few Penang runner friends that came all the way for the race!




Another new family member to my collection! ;)

I love running!

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