Thursday, November 27, 2008


Announcing the arrival of...

*I forgot his name* (But I'm sure he's a male. =D)

This, mind you, is not JUST another white plushy smiling-to-you bear.

You will be shocked when you hear the story behind.

It did not just blow my mind away, it blew my brain away.

Now let's have a short interview with the owner of this *I forgot his name*,
Tan Veen Dee.

Dee: (Talking to her Mr. Bear, playing and fooling)

Fern: You sleep with 'him' every night?

Dee: Yes, is my favourite bear. But you should see how my sister talks and plays with him. She makes him as if he's real.

Fern: come your sister plays with your favourite bear?

Dee: Actually is my sister's bear. Hehe. And I tell you, there's once we went travelling by plane, and my sister specially booked a seat for him.

Fern: *Jaw-dropped, eyes expanded.* HAR????!!! You mean, like a seat under a name and no one is sitting?

Dee: Yala, just one seat for him.

Fern: OMG. Like your sister booked a seat for a bear? I mean for a PLUSH TOY BEAR??! And you have to pay for the seat for a PLUSH TOY BEAR??!

Dee: Ya.....

Fern: And your parents are ok with it??

Dee: Uhm..Ya.a. My mum loves her too much.

My jaw-dropped and dropped and dropped throughout the conversation and I was instantly stunned and speechless. Love? You call this LOVE HER TOO MUCH? You pay for your ******* bear to have a individual seat on plan. And it's out of LOVING HER TOOO MUCH.

Wow. I'm impressed.

It's ok to be obsessed with a plushy-oh-he's-smiling-to-me bear. But to the extent of letting him an individual seat and PAY FOR IT, like what we as humans do, I don't want to say what I think about it. But....argh. I can't help it, IT'S FREAKIN' RIDICULOUS.

Why don't you buy the seat for a human that might not even have the chance to be on a plane for his/her entire life, instead?

Sometimes the love of parents is hard to decipher. But the rational way to raise up a child, I'm so sure, this time, her move is not correct.

Let her sulk and cry or doesn't want to eat, but no plushy-oh-he's-smiling-to-me bear is gonna deserve a paid flight seat.

Thank You.

Oh yes, however, the bear is still innocent and cute. Don't blame him. He does not even have a life.

*I forgot his name*, probably the most privileged bear on earth.

Update: All of a sudden, I recalled his name!!!! It's 胖胖, as in fat-fat. Haha. Cute or insulting? Bahaha. I think it's cute. =D

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Happy Wedding!! -- Day 2

I tugged into bed late the night after dinner and even before I'm all up ready I heard chattering noises coming from my living hall. Still half awake, eyelids only a quarter open, I wondered where do those interruption come from.


Everybody else is busy for the preparation ceremony, but me and Leah are busy for ourselves. Heck. We need to be dressed best and put on our make-up, at the least right?

Then the other sister bridesmaids came up with a brilliant idea to the door test of the groom.

They make me put my very precious smooches on a piece of tissue paper and let that poor groom guess which is my sister's lipstick mark.

Hoho. I guess that really test on how well and how often they work each other out when they have their 'lip exercise' now and then. HAH!

But the toughest part is...

None of it is my sister's lipstick mark. Ah-hah, this game is gonna be superbly fun!


With such massive honking signal, who wouldn't know you are getting married and can't wait to see your wife?

But wait, before you even think of seeing a slice of her, please pass through US.

The witty Bridesmaid Sisters sekalian. Tough, demanding and unyielding.

Let's see how well you can play the game. Let's see how far you can go. And Let's see how much is my sister worth in your heart.

Wow. That's quite a big thing to say.

"Eh, eh, shit. Seems pretty (pun intended) tough leh. Bestman, tell me how should we counter this. I WANT MY BRIDE FAST! NOW!"

"OK, right away your Majesty!"

" 冲啊!"
(chong ah) (as in 'ATTACK..!', not literally though)

"Shit. The attackers are too strong! Give me more strength my men! "

Of their strength and sweat, do they realise behind the door are just some armed-less ladies?

"Sisters, D-E-F-E-N-D! "

After much battling, the groom finally stood up as a man.

"Ok, ok. 君子动口,不动手. Let's talk it out. Tell me how much you want."

What an offer! Of course we would ask as much as we can. Erm.. not much, 99, 999, 999 USD only, please.

One angpow slipped in from outside.

RM1. Wow. So this is how much my sisterworth. Damm you.

"Okok, mistake, mistake. Here, here."

Second angpow slided in through the door slit.

Another RM1. WOW. Now we know who you are.

If this is just how much you can offer, thank you for coming, you can go fly back home now. We can find our sister a better, rich guy. Who, is willing to go all out for her.

Luckily the last chance given was cherished. Don't play play next time, ok?

"Yay. Let's go in! LET'S GO IN!"

Mr, the game isn't THAT easy.

2nd stage: Express your love in three different languages, not including those that are spoken locally in M'sia or in other words, not the language that we usually know or speak.


3rd stage: Sing a song by Winnie's favourite singer/band.

Half Pass.

(Damm him. We even need to give him clue who's my sister's favourite singer/band and he attempted to use his handphone to play the song in place of his voice. FAIL. But at the end he did sing, so ok-lah, Half Pass. )

'Cccccclick'. The door knob is slowly, gradually turned and. Opened.

A hard force pushed through the fellow bridesmaids way with thunderring exclamation and excitement.


The groom and his Bestman sekalian dashed in through the small opening of the door but, the bride is nowhere to be seen!!

(My room happens to have a room-in-room structure. The other room is my study room, so my sister hid in there and we closed the door so....)

THE GAME ISN'T OVER, my dear brother-in-law.

"You mean you want me to drink it? Drink THIS? "

Yeah Yeah. Just this cup and your bride would be yours and only yours.

"Oh, ok. WAIT. WHAT IS THIS? Why does it have weird colour and weird smell?!"

"OMG. Brother, they want me to drink this. Can you help me ah?"

Unfortunately, no. No helping unless you want to give your 'brother' your bride too! =D

Mission accomplished.

Now, you may kiss your bride.

And that was after the hand-over of bride to the groom when he passed the 'Sisters' agonizing test' and after some prayer rituals.

You might wonder how did the 'Guess My Lips' game went.

It was terrible.

It was terrible because despite our effort and excitement in putting that game out, when we wanted to put up the test, the lady-in-charge cut us off due to insufficient time. What the hell. And there goes our fun. Stupid.

Anyway, after the newly wed couple's kissing and prayer rituals, it is also a tradition that the bestman and the maid of honour do something for each other.

No. Not like what you think it is.

I'll have to pin up the corsage for him.

And he'll have to tie it up to my wrist. Obviously you know why the difference.

And I don't know why I look so amused. I'm not interested in him and he's taken.

Then there's the tea ceremony! Yum-cha Session.

My mother so happy that she laughs until the eye cannot see.

After getting my share of angpow, the ceremony concluded. :)

And off my sister went to her new family-in-law.

Happy Happy Wedding.

And to my brother-in-law, Welcome to our Family.

We are now no more this,

Thanks for expanding our family. Haha.

It's such a bliss to see two person finally found someone of their dreams and tied their knot of Love together, especially when she's my dearest sister. May streams of love, trust and understanding overflow both of your lives and building stout standing poles to your relationship, so that obstacles that come by will be flushed away by strong currents and the poles too strong too topple. Once again, Happy Wedding. <3

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Happy Wedding !! -- Day 1

Finally the day is here.

After all the planning, arranging, practising, dressing up and all other things you need to do for a wedding, you get to be happy-happy and let people see you pretty-pretty.

Of course, that's the privilege of the bride and bridegroom. Not the bridesmaid, which is obviously, Me.

The mama and papa won't get to take a breath too.

They are so busy entertaining people that I can't even manage to find a photo of them together for the dinner event. Is it the photographer's fault or what..? Hmm..

And of all days, my camera choose to die today. Damm it. =S I can't get to take any photos. Photo credits to other people. Yay. -.-

Right at the 8pm, the much awaited joyous ceremony rings in with the wedding march of the Love Dove of the very day, Winnie Tan & Kven Ong.

Along with the applauded welcoming from the guests and well-wishers, some must be wondering..


Guess what?

I. Am. Late. For. My. Own. Sister's. Wedding. With. Me. Being. The. Maid. Of. Honour.

You can kill me now.

But it was because:

Firstly, I have to 'somehow' decorate the hall in till evening.

Secondly, a last practice with the performers for the night.

Thirdly, grab something really last minute for my mum in the mall.

Fourthly, bare with the stupid traffic jam on a Saturday to rush back home after decorating.

Fifthly, the zipper of my dress also jam when I was competing with the time to reach at least on time for the ceremony.

Sixthly, the make-up I made appointment with ended their business hours because they couldn't wait for me any longer。

Seventhly, I have to look for alternative for makeup and hairdo. I know I could do the job too, but in such rush hours, I'm afraid the eyeliner that I draw would be longer than it should extend and my blusher, blushing more than it needs.

7 solid reasons for being late. But still it sounds like bullshit. Argh. Sorry!

But once I reached, I try to make my entry as silent as possible..Hello!! The bridesmaid is late of course you want as less people to notice as possible!

Then I quickly went to gather my dance team to tell them to get ready for my 'supposedly' opening dance. Yes, 'supposedly' is the appropriate word, a speech has already been given, a few songs has already been sang before us, so...ok, let's called it 'Delayed Opening Dance'. -.-

Here....We go!

'Kiss Kiss' by Astonishing Figures

This piece of choreography is a memorable pride to our dance team, 'Astonishing Figures', which won us The Best Performance for our Graduation Night 2007. The victory performance has been brought up again for the 2nd time for this nuptial event for my one and only sister on her big day.

Hohoho. So much of being humble. (I never say I am)

After some while, it is the tossing ceremony. I'm quite surprised when I realised the MC invited the bride&groom for the cake cutting and the family members for the tossing. As far as I could remember, it is usually carried out at the later part of the ceremony, I guess as the years progress, the trend changes too.

My family look so beautiful that night. =)

I don't know whether am I supposed to go up on stage to also give the toss or not allowed to. I ponder for a while and decided it's a little bit too late, the MC has started the "YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM SENG" already anyway.

So after that, I went up on-stage and 'steal' two glasses of champagne to my 'special' table. I accommodate myself in the already-packed-11-people table and force my ass between them and make it a superduper-packed-12-people table. (If not where do you want me to sit, all tables are full!!!)

And kept asking Liow Ying Tian to take vain photos of me.

Oh, not a lot. Just two. Heh.

Suddenly, people walking out of the door, hand shakes of appreciation, wides smile of gleefulness, waves of goodbyes and see-you-tomorrow. I panic.

"Why is everybody else leaving? It's only past 9pm for heaven's sake and the food has not finished serving yet. STAY STAY STAY!" my heart screamed, shrieking hard, noiselessly.

"I havn't performed my songs yet!!" That was stronger than any other reason why I'm going through the hysteria.

With the urges from my friends, I immediately hand up my CDs to the DJ and ask him to give me the next slot right after the 'somebody' has finished his song. I went up to my parents like a 3-year-old kid, asking them why are people leaving already....

..Only to find out..that..

It is because of a stupid tradition that says that the family members or representatives from the groom's side cannot stay any longer than half the time of the dinner ceremony of the bride's if it is celebrated separately, IF NOT, it signifies that the groom's will take away the bride's family's prosperity.

YA RIGHT. Like he will.

Darling, last bite before you leave, yes?

Oh wait, not JUST the family members or representatives from the other side, even the GROOM himself have to leave. WOW. WONDERFUL TRADITION.

The groom leaving his own wedding ceremony, very prosperous sign eh? Good for you. It was an instruction from his own mother btw. Our family seldom gives a damm on unreasonable and illogical traditions, thank you.

Oh well, you are just gonna miss my award-winning performance (I thought I said humble??!!!) and some other entertaining numbers from me. Huhu.

My award-winning performance? Yes. You got it right. I sang 'Sway' AGAIN. I can't help it, sorry. I think it's a too-good-to-be-missed thing, the song I mean, seriously. My dance partner this time is Sunny. Somehow I forget to take a photo together with him and the hired photographer didn't even bother taking my pictures.

I scanned through all the photos taken and out of the 250 photos of the night, I can only be found in 8 of them. WTH? I'm the bridesmaid for heaven's sake, one of the performers of the night, someone important behind the scene as well, and 8 out of 250 photos of me? Wow.

The next song I sang was a trio piece, together with Shi Ying (aka Sai Sai) and Leah, my Warrior camp friend from S'pore.

What song we sang, wasn't as important. Hello!! When you see 3 HOT girls standing on stage, do you even care listening to them when you can't even have enough looking at them?

Ok, maybe people do care. Haha. It was a 'Mama Mia!!!!' song!

It makes us sing "Here I Go AGAIN! My My!". -.-

Our cheekiness and the song's cheery rhythm bring up the entire atmosphere.

With the least help from the lousy PA system, we manage to pull things through. We had the entire fun on stage although the vocals didn't go as rehersal's. Haha.

And thanks to the thunderous cheers and support from audiences, especially the crazy high-spirited Warrior bunch:

All the way from KL and S'pore, not forgetting the Penang ones as well! Thank you for adding beautiful colours in this memorable event.

And my special table bunch:

Esther Tee , for staying to see my performance, (after I make noise =P )

Last but not least,

My G-Clique. =)

After that, I get back to my special table to snatch all the food. I'm starving.

That was the plate they use to serve their dish of duck and chicken. I wallop the whole thing. How can such good food exist in a wedding dinner!! It's definitely not because I'm starving, it's really good food. When the waiter wanted to clear the unfinished plate, I even shook my head furiously indicating "No, wait, I want to finish the whole plate first!"

Very gluttony. I know. Because I happened to be the heaviest girl at my table anyway. Boo.

Comparing who bares more back. Duh.

And more Yum-Sengs with the Warrior bunch.

The event gradually reach an end. The Warriors went up to on stage and promptly dedicated a song to my sister to finally wrap up everything.

After most of the people left, we manage to heave a sign of relief.


THANK GOD the backdrop we spent time rushing like mad to finish didn't fall anyhow. It stayed and hung there strong and still, without even a sign of dropping off.

We tied it, pinned it, sticked it, poked it, and we succeeded holding it.

Doesn't matter if the people didn't realise this BEAUTIFULLY WONDERFUL RED ROSIE HEART, as long as it didn't fall off. It could be a really bad sign for some people.

Despite how beautiful I look at that night, Liow Ying Tian had to ruin my image. She posted every of my vain photos up on her blog, promoting, 'the beauty';

She somehow had to choose to post this ultimate 'ah lian' photo for me in her blog one loh. Can't she just let people retain just the beautiful side of me??!

I was busy making calls mah! Doing preparation for the night what. Boo.

The lovelier side of me. Just to make you forget the eye-sore sight of the image above.

It is enough? I'm hard-selling hard already!! =P

Thank you very much to every single person that made my sister's wedding remarkable and unforgettable. Especially those that helped me and my family out in carry out tasks, your heart in giving your time and energy deeply touched our hearts. (That's why I kept showing you the photos of me and the Red Rosie Heart!!! -.-)

Without anyone of you, this wedding will not be as wonderful. Thank You.