Thursday, January 28, 2010

In a day's time

Peeps, check this out.

cansaizhe 1234

Do you think no.1 girl, erm, kinda look pretty erm, familiar?

I seriously think so.

Anyway, back to me talking. Yes, the girl IS ME. Hoho.

This is one of the reason why I have been busy. So not just because of facebook, blogshops, msn, facebook, blogshops, msn. Okay, why am I still repeating it.

Can you guess what kinda thing am I in?

I don't think you can. Anyway, this is a smiling competition. The one who has the widest and the nicest smile will win.

Hoho. Based on the poster above, obviously I am winning.

Check out the rest too. Fellow smiley ambassadors from different colleges and unis.




I love the photo of no.13 - no. 16.

Fine. It's actually a inter-uni singing competition organised by USM. These are the 16 finalists, who have gone through audition selection round, semi-finals and now, the finals. From the 120 participants, 43 were shortlisted for semi-finals and out of the lot, presenting you the 16 amazing voices!

Seriously not praising myself, but I am glad I am one of them! Cannot be more thankful then ever to reach this stage. ;)

After all the ordeal of choose the 'winning' song moments, which includes major, phone calls and learning new songs. Then followed by the Pick the Best Outfit game. Thinking what to wear out is already a headache, sometimes even happens when I go for my running routine, now I have the pick something to wear on stage? Double sighs. Probably will kill quarter of my brain cells.

BUT, everything is on place now.
Songs list. -Checked
Outfit - Checked.
Pretty heels - Checked.
Voice - Checked.

Haha. Whatever shit. The voice part is to make the list looks longer.

Anyway, final is finally this saturday (tomorrow), I am excited!

Can't wait to wear my dress and my heels out to parade!

Okay, supposed to be can't wait to sing on stage! But Oh well, I can't wait for both.


Wish my best of luck, peeps!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


You must have expected this page hasn't been updated when you drop by once again for the umpteenth times.

You got it wrong! ;)

I'm finally updated this abandoned piece of land. Hmmm..Not exactly a piece of land, but oh well!

So, if you are concerned enough, you must have had wondered what/where/how/who/when have I been after my gigigaga post right below.

I have been good! So many things have happened! Yet, my blog is so silent. I'm sitting here trying to look for the sense of guilt.

Anyway, I have been wanting to write for many many times, but I was also demotivated (and distracted) for that many many times. Blame facebook, blogshops, msn, facebook, blogshops, msn. Hmmm. Why am I repeating them. Haha.

This past week has been an eye-opener for me, to see the true colour of people, to see the doubled faces some friends have and to look into myself for new discovery!

People can be so the awww-what-will-happen-to-me-if-I-hadn't-had-know-you kinda friend and at the same time, they can be what-a-bitch kinda friend. I am surprised I had not detacted it all along the way. Too brilliant of an Oscar actor I believe.

It's really a god-made opportunity of how I would see their true colour.

If I hadn't had said the a wrong thing at the wrong time to my close friend, if we hadn't had a cold war, if I hadn't had said another wrong thing to my another close friend, (Sigh. I know right. Seal up my mouth up man), I wouldn't had sat there and hear what the Oscar actors and actresses have to say.

Interesting conversation. I can see that they are putting in every effort, so that me and my first-cold-war-close-friend would not patch up and we'll not gel as well as we do now. Laughing hard inside myself, I think they are pretty silly to think that our friendship is actually, that shallow. It's funny.

Whilst hearing what they have to say, I was telling myself at the back of my head, how glad I am not having to hop around to find groups to fit myself in because I felt belong in every groups of friends that I am in. ;)

Although collision and friction, sometimes happens. Hah.

Hmmm. At this point of writing, I realise that I have actually no emotions towards what they have done, besides feeling funny. But feeling funny is pretty much an emotion, haha, anyway! I want to stop writing about them already, sien. Haha. The entire story is pretty much like that.

Anyway, after this I will blog about happy things already. (Maybe about my Bangkok trip! Bare in mind that, I'm not promising you anything okay, just in case I didn't blog about it again. hahaha.)

Give you a present for still being a reader of this blog. I really appreciate you clicking back to this page although you kinda know that it would still be the dusty gigigaga post. I proved you wrong this time! ;)

Anyway, your present!


Just like what a lot of other girls would do when it comes to webcam!
(Oh, I love my set of teeth if you still don't know =D)

Okay, I actually can't believe I just gave you THAT as present. Gaaaaaa. Now I felt silly. Haha.


After composing this whole post, I felt a great sense of self-satisfaction. It's been longgggggggggggggg since I felt the joy of writing, or putting down thoughts into words, even though I might not have an ocean of words to properly form them in alphabelts, and also in a very messy form of content.

But I will improve!

So, I think I should really write more, especially, blog more.

If that's a happy news for you. ;)