Thursday, January 28, 2010

In a day's time

Peeps, check this out.

cansaizhe 1234

Do you think no.1 girl, erm, kinda look pretty erm, familiar?

I seriously think so.

Anyway, back to me talking. Yes, the girl IS ME. Hoho.

This is one of the reason why I have been busy. So not just because of facebook, blogshops, msn, facebook, blogshops, msn. Okay, why am I still repeating it.

Can you guess what kinda thing am I in?

I don't think you can. Anyway, this is a smiling competition. The one who has the widest and the nicest smile will win.

Hoho. Based on the poster above, obviously I am winning.

Check out the rest too. Fellow smiley ambassadors from different colleges and unis.




I love the photo of no.13 - no. 16.

Fine. It's actually a inter-uni singing competition organised by USM. These are the 16 finalists, who have gone through audition selection round, semi-finals and now, the finals. From the 120 participants, 43 were shortlisted for semi-finals and out of the lot, presenting you the 16 amazing voices!

Seriously not praising myself, but I am glad I am one of them! Cannot be more thankful then ever to reach this stage. ;)

After all the ordeal of choose the 'winning' song moments, which includes major, phone calls and learning new songs. Then followed by the Pick the Best Outfit game. Thinking what to wear out is already a headache, sometimes even happens when I go for my running routine, now I have the pick something to wear on stage? Double sighs. Probably will kill quarter of my brain cells.

BUT, everything is on place now.
Songs list. -Checked
Outfit - Checked.
Pretty heels - Checked.
Voice - Checked.

Haha. Whatever shit. The voice part is to make the list looks longer.

Anyway, final is finally this saturday (tomorrow), I am excited!

Can't wait to wear my dress and my heels out to parade!

Okay, supposed to be can't wait to sing on stage! But Oh well, I can't wait for both.


Wish my best of luck, peeps!


Peiying said...

you look nice in the pic!
Sing ur heart out. Good luck! =D

liow yingtian said...

good luck ferny! gogogogoog. can hear you singing from here. hehehehhe. :)

Sharon said...

Oh... i know the no15 girl... hehe... from the same high school.. hehe

Chin Fern said...

Peiying and Ying Tian, thankss! ;)
although I didnt get. Haha.

Sharon Chew! Heh. Oh I see. She looks pretty young for her age I think. hah.