Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Brutal Truth

Yea. Hello, I'm back. Actually since Monday morning. But yea, as usual, too tired, too busy and what not.

I suddenly have to come here to say something in the middle of my midnight-oil-production because I think I suddenly somehow found out some brutal truth that I never want it to happen.

Usually, I would write in the facebook status, but I reckon that is way a too easy access to information kinda media, so since my blog is not that popular anyway, blurting it out here is more appropriate.

I was flipping through the photos in facebook. You know as usual, the busybody job of checking out other people's photos. It's some kind of a leisure thing to do now days, nothing bad about being a busybody in that form. Argh. Whatever shit. I just got myself a little more shocked and unbelievable when I was busy flipping through photos of someone.

They are back together?

This is something I had sense from the start. Just somehow I can sense it and feel it. Now I understand the justification of females having sensitive six sense.

But I chose to ignore it and gave in. Now I'm laughing at my foolishness. Ultimate foolishness.

They, the photos, can't be solid proof of them getting back together, this is entire my assumption. But then it's too hard to convince myself I'm thinking too much!

Wait. Actually I should not have been thinking about it anyway. Argh. I have decided to drop it down, means I have decided to drop it down. No second thoughts about it. Shouldn't it be this way?

Shouldn't it?

Yes, starting from now.

I shouldn't be reminiscing;
shouldn't be thinking;
shouldn't be hoping;
shouldn't be dreaming;
shouldn't be wishing;
shouldn't be waiting;
shouldn't be giving;
oh, most of all, should be wasting my time at all!

Thank you for letting me out of the twirl. It's such a great feeling.

Oh, and damm you for taking such a long time. I really think you have no balls or at least the lack of it, which is even worse.

Anyhow, anyway, oh well, ALL THE BEST.

Just so you know, You just miss a gem. :)

P.S I'll update things about my previous post some other time okay. Now I have to get back to work. Thanks for lending your ear to read (or not) my emo stuff. =D

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Marathon? No more. :((

Tragic new update: I won't be going to KL Marathon anymore. :((

I heard you screaming oh-my-god.

I know right. Damm tragic. Haha. After all hype-up the trainings, tiredness, panting and the excitement, it then all plunge down onto the ground and turn into ashes, with a light blow, they are gone into the thin air.

Yea. I was dramatising it. But I was really upset when I had to make that decision to forgo my marathon challege.

Yeah. so conclusion is i'm not going to KL Marathon, but going to Singapore to attend a seminar from Friday to Sunday.

Don't ask me why now. Cos I kept hearing my dad scolding me to leave for the airport already. I'll explain when I am back.

*Dad scolding* Ok, I know my Project 365 very siaran tergendala already. Sorry! Will buck up.

This trip around I don't have the time to paint my nails. OMG. (I'll explain this when I'm back)

Ok, dad coming up to my room already.

BYEEEEEEEEEE. I'll miss the KL Marathon very much! omg omg omg omg omg.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

KDU Beach Bash!

This event was almost like one-month old. I actually didn't intend to blog about, but by Cindy's request (er, she requested like...er...two weeks ago), here it is! =D

The Creative Arts and Performing Society of our college, once again headed on organizing another college party, this time a beach themed concert - KDU Beach Bash.

photo courtesy of http://lovecleo.xanga.com/

Oh ya, it's a beach party that is not in a beach. I find it funny, haha.

However, their efforts of making the whole place look really beach-y, deserve some good thumbs up.

The stage
photo courtesy of http://lovecleo.xanga.com/

photo courtesy of http://lovecleo.xanga.com/

Something you would see by the beach or thought of or picture when it comes to the word 'beach'. The whole set-up of the 'in-house' beach, not quite bad the effort, eh? :)

They set up some lovely booths for food and beverages too.

This concert featured a few KDU 'in-house' singers accompanied by the newly formed band, who called themselves 'The Band'. LOL. Okla, it's a quirky funny catchy name.

The Band.
photo courtesy of Jay Lim's facebook album.

KDU's in-house singers: Me, Jenny, Cindy (the one who requested me to blog about this) and the faithful supporter, Hazel during prep.

I didn't really take photos on that night because I know my camera would work lame without flash and if i use flash, the photos will turn out sucky, so I just take from other people's blogs and facebook album. :D

The event kicked off with Christopher singing 'Check Yes Juliet' to heat up the very shy crowd. They weren't too keen until the middle of the song and then everybody started singing along, clapping, shouting and cheering.

And while the crowd was enjoying themselves, I was right beside the stairs up the stage, calming myself down and inserting the whatever lyrics into my mind. Not that I still experiencing stage fright, is just that, hehe, I havn't practised enough to save the lyrics into my brain.

Oh, I don't know what tickled me. I just have to laugh, can't help it la ok.

I have one lecturer in class kept telling me: "Fern, control yourself.." with the calming-down hand gestures (you know the opened-facing-downwards-palm that moves up and down gesture?). But tell me, how would you or how can you actually really control your laughter, right right right?

I don't know, I just can't okay? LOL.

Anyway, I was up after Christopher and I sang 'Complicated' by Avril Lavigne.

Oh, this is Blondie. He enjoys being silly.

He kept asking me to take YENG photos of him while he was on-stage because he wants to put it as facebook profile pic. So I tried and tried, utilising fully of my skills and this is the only best photo I have of him.

When his face doesn't show, the photo appears to be the best.

Oh, I know I am a meanie. =)

Besides singing performances, there were beatboxing as well!

The three Black Musketeers: Bill, Ben and Yugen.

Not forgetting a session by a Korean illusionist, hip hop break dancing, Capoeira performance and belly dancing!

Then, here comes Play-Time!

The old-school-yet-fun Limbo Rock.

The midget, Tan Veen Dee was pulled to play in the game because everybody is too sure she would win cos she's petite and thin and probably would Bend it Like Beckham.

But heck, she disappoints everybody when Christyna emerged as the Limbo Rock Queen!

Tan Veen Dee, you suck! =P

After they had a free dance session and stuff like that. The think-we-are-too-cool mass comm gang didn't join in the thrill, we went to chill beside a corner.

Random happy photos, following up!

Oh, let me explain to you this expression. They had a beverage counter that mixes their signature mocktails on your order. The one that Blondie just bought, sucks to the max. We all tasted it and swore we have never tasted anything that bad before. =S I guess Mark just find Blondie silly and humiliating in wanting to taste the drink again and again. Oh Silly Blonde.

As the singing session continued, our camwhore session continued.

Maya with 'Long Train Running'
Jenny with 'Love Song'

There are some other awesome singers that I did not cover on: Benignus, Rachel and Cindy. :)


this candid just turned out super funny and dramatic.

Caleb and I

To the following people:

Tan Veen Dee

Thanks for coming!

You might not be coming FOR me (you know, especially Christyna), but I really appreciate that you came and support me! Tan Veen Dee thanks for shouting: Tan Chin Fern I love you, although you might not mean it. Haha. But I know this is something you would not do in public, cos everything I talked or laughed every loud you would pretend that you don't know me. Chrissie, thanks for the awesome photos with your newly-wed DSLR that I'm jealous of! If it's not for you, I would get to blog about this already! Estee, thanks for missing my performance! LOL. But you are already super awesome because you came! :)


Saturday, June 13, 2009

I love to run!

Seeing the date of the Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2009 is really approaching, I am working on my brains very hard and monitoring it hard, so that they won't slack for training. Because it's the brain that controls your body movement, so when you are lazy, it's because the small little voice in your mind that it's telling you to 'no need to go for training', so I reckon saying 'working and monitoring hard' on my brain is more appropriate.

Haha. Okay, whatever.

The date is really so near! From 'Oh, I still have like 2 and a half months to pick up my stamina, aiya, can la' to the now 'OMG. There's only two weeks left! Shit. I only train like so few times per week. Die la. How.', without realising the time actually rocketed.

Ya, nowdays, 'time flies' seldom apply anymore, do you realise? They always go pass so swiftly like...voooooooooooofff, that we didn't even notice it has slipped through our finger tips, not making even the slightest alarming sound.


Right here waiting for you

Back to the topic of running, seriously, I love to run! The more tired I get, the harder I pant, the more exhausted I get, the more satisfied I am. It's like a reward to me after pushing myself so hard during the run routine. =)) It's estatic! When I don't feel tired enough, it makes me unhappy and agonises me to feel that I have not achieve something.

I love to run! for other reasons, like:

1. I get to put on some hot-looking sports gears. Like this FBT sports pants.

I got it from Singapore during my recent trip and it's super hot. Because it's flatteringly short but securely long. So it reveals whatever that can be revealed and covers whatever that is supposed to be kept 'in the dark'. I super love it. Super. Haha.

2. I get to ditch some unwanted fats away.

3. I get to look hotter and fitter.

4. I live a healthy lifestyle (besides the sleeping late factor).

5. I enjoy any form of andreline rush.

6. I get this 'admiring' or 'impressed' stares/smiles/acknowledgement/praises/ funny expression/ crossed face (for God knows what reason) from onlookers that wonder why I still havn't stopped running after so many rounds. Running-syiok-sendiri-limelight. Woot.

And tonnes of other good reason.

It gives all the benefits one can get, but there's about one thing I definitely hate about it.

The occasional chaffing that I would get.

It's definitely irritating when it hurts like hell, especially when you bath or in contact with water. For those of you that don't know what chaffing is, it is a sore or abrasion you get when your skin rubs too frequently against each other.

Gees. it sounds a bit wrong. Anyway, that's what chaffing is and it happens usually when you are wearing new sports gears, socks too short for your shoes (my running shoes happen to have a quite high back support, also like the sore you get when you wear your new ballet flats. it's damm stupid), or you run more than you usually do, then chaffing starts 'taking place'.

It might be in between your legs (inner thighs, damm stupid, then you have to sort of walk kang-kang like that), crotch, and when you forgot that you supposed to wear your sports bra instead of the ordinary bra, you will have the chaffing in between your..boobs. Haha. All these chaffing are damm stupid.

It's the stupidest when you bathe. Luckily it doesnt take long to heal and I never bother to apply anything to lose the scar. LOL.

Besides the stupid chaffing, the rest about running is JUST AWESOME. :)

So..I'm off for a run now! See me in the park!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Teh Tarik?

Day # 30 of Project 365

Teh Tarik?

This is definitely NOT your regular 'Teh Tarik' or milk tea.

If you are observant enough, you will know it's not. Why would you add sugar in your milk tea when the condensed milk is sweet enough right?

I mistaken it as one when I took a sip of it and then it tasted funny because I was expecting the taste of Teh Tarik.

It is actually an Indian tea, Masala Tea.

So, never judge a book by it's cover. =)

Monday, June 8, 2009

Recycling Project?

Day # 29 of Project 365

Recycling Project?

Oh. As much as I dislike the message of the T-shirt, I still think it's cool and fun.

Life's fun, why take it so so seriously?

(You can take it as he's so pathetic that he can't manage to get new girls, that's why he has to recycle the old ones. Sad case.)

*This is no personal attack. This guy is a nice friend of mine. I'm just poking fun at his ridiculous T-Shirt, life's fun, why so serious?*

Smile! :)

Slow down

Yesterday after dinner, my sister suggested to go up hill for a night scenic view.

"Let me bring you to the undiscovered beautiful night view of Penang," she said.

So she drove us up to a sloppy hill through a narrow path and as I swallow to clear my ear blockage due to the slight difference of altitude up hill, the view the laid upon my eyes was simply pretty.

At times, when our life have paced too fast, we often miss the details that brighten our soul. We command for swiftness, speeds, rapidness, and things get so hasty that we don't even realise we miss out on some delicate features.

Too fast, Too furious
Too fast too furious

Sometimes we even prayed to God that we are born with wings so that we can fly. (Oh, dear God, preferably Eagle's wings please)

You know what? Life's ought not to be all the time too fast, too furious.

When you start to sit down calmly in tranquility and silence, and take in a few deep breaths where you can go as deep as you can, along with the cooling breeze, you get to see some really delightful things.

Day # 28 of Project 365

Up on the hill
Counting lights up on hill

Pretty isn't it when you slow down your pace? :)

I kept skipping and hopping around the days of Project 365 until I lose track of which day is today for. I leave it unknown first, when I check back I'll update it. =D Wahaha.

Oh, oh btw:
I decided to not make Project 365 like an 'each and everyday' a photo project. Because as long as I've followed it now, I realise sometimes I have to force myself to take a photo without an apparent reason or meaning, so to fulfill the project. I find it a bit purposeless and unmeaningful, if the flow of the photo-taking doesn't come in naturally and with feelings. Therefore, I'll just take a photo when I feel like it until I take 365 photos! =D

You'll still see kinda frequent updates, don't worry. I promise I won't slack as much as before already. Hoho. =DD

Friday, June 5, 2009


Day # 27 of Project 365


The beautiful acoustic voice box that you'll never hate listening to it.

Family Movie-Midnight-Out

My whole family went for a midnight show on Thursday.

Damm cool la my family. I think. Haha.

We watched Night in the Museum 2.

It's like a movie the 4 of us are so eager to watch but we can't find the time where all four of us can make it. So we decided to just watch the midnight show when everybody else would be free. We don't do this often though.

We were in a rather big theatre but with very few people. If I didn't remember wrongly, two other couples and two families. My dad was kinda excited with the whole 'movie-night-out' thing and was talking so loud in the theatre.

Because, there were less people, it makes his voice even louder. He was telling me things like:

"wah, it's been some time since I came to cinema for a movie. What was the last movie we watched together? Oh ya, Money not Enough 2."
"How come the cinemas has so little people only, how can the cost be covered?"
"Eh, see, I can put my leg up like this." (then he showed me proudly how he can put his legs up comfortably and carefreely)
"Where's your drink? Let me have a sip."

I just can't help laughing and responding to his enthusiasm.

I was afraid he was too loud so I told him: Eh, don't talk so loud la. Can you talk softer like this? (Then I talked to show me what my 'soft' meant)

"Loud? How can this be loud? I didn't talk very loud."

Then the branding commercial of the film production company starts playing. So I was telling my dad, Oh, it's gonna start already. Don't talk anymore.

This clip was shown.

My funny dad was watching it and then translating it out in Chinese to me '二十世纪狐狸'.

Argh. How can my dad be so cute and funny. I ♥ my dad!

I think Night in the Museum 2 is a good movie. Although it's not as amusing as the first one, of course, because we already knew that the story is again going to around the plot of museum displays coming back to life, but the story is still as interesting.

Besides that, it always has some wonderful value to offer. This time around it was the key to happiness. Watch the movie, then you'll know. =)

Oh, I super love the cupids that are in the movie.

Halfway through the movie, my dad fell asleep. LOL. His justification was it was too cold that's why he fell asleep. I can't really take in what he said because he's a guy that goes to Genting without any jackets or long sleeves or any warming clothing and walks outdoor. He's also one that kept teasing us: Cold meh? Cold meh? Where got cold? You see, I don't even need to wear anything extra. Aiya, it's not cold la. Take off your jacket.

But he fell asleep in a cinema because it's too cold.

And that quirky guy, is my dad.

I ♥ my awesome family. =D

Day # 26 of Project 365

Happy Family

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Holiday doesn't feel like holiday

I'm actually already back in Penang since Monday morning.

And routines never stop or even slow down since then. I wanted to hang out with my friends more during the holidays, but my schedule doesn't seem to have any slots. Argh. Seriously, my holiday doesn't seem like holiday at all.

(Besides the fact that I DID go to Singapore for a sort-of a super-short holiday. My mum kept reminding me about this when I kept complaining about my non-holiday kinda of holiday)

I have to go back to college almost every single day. Firstly, to do recording for radio class live show project.

Oh, talking about recording :)

One of my team mates and I having hell of a time camwhoring in the studio.

Recording Producer

We are supposed to be recording our commercials and we are kinda short of time.

With the one who is very super proud with his rounded jelly belly.

Hafiz's horny face.

I'm still quite lack of skills when it comes to the technical part. Die la. We are gonna have our live show next week.

The console

Besides that, I gotta go back to college for a state photographer competition committee meeting that I'm involved in.

Then, I have singing performance rehearsals and practices to attend to, which the performance would be this Friday night.

Wah. Super busy. Want to stay away from college also quite hard.

Oh, if you all didn't know, I started working at night in a tuition centre preparing notes and review exercises for the secondary school students since late April.

My days are really busy because during some days, I would have to get out from home 8.30am in the morn, bring everything else that's needed for the day with me, and then go to work right after college and then reach home at around 11.30pm. On certain days, I would have to go college, go marathon training and then go to work; and on Thursdays, I will have to go college, go dance class and then straight to work.

And my whole point of saying this is, I actually skipped work this whole week (for no apparent reason. Woot). I also have decided that I would quit my job because I find no purpose in continue a job that do not actually contribute to my future endeavour, wellbeing or whatnot. I neglect too much of my college's assignments too in fact.

Oh! And last Tuesday, I went to watch a movie with Jiayan and Hui Theng, 'Angels and Demons'. The most interesting part of my entire movie session is that, I slept throughout the 3/4 of the movie. Woot. You can give me your saluation if you want.

It is not that the movie isn't mind-blowing or mind-boggling or what, especially when it's scripted from Dan Brown's controversial thriller fiction novel. I guess I was just too tired. Hoho. But then I didn't miss the key parts of the movie! Like when the canister which contained a quarter of a gram of antimatter is found to be stolen, (and then after I just doooooze offffff....), and the scene where the canister was discovered, I woke up automatically. So I actually witnessed the 'Lost' and the 'Found' part of the key prop that engined the entire story. Hoho.

This post is so all over the place but nevermind lah, as long as you can understand what I wrote.

My Project 365 is so outdated already. I'll post Day 25 first and then the rest I'll post as backdated post okay? Hoho. I'm kinda back to my slacky blog-updating style. Gees.

Day # 25 of Project 365

Recording Studio Foolery
Recording Studio Foolery: Hafiz & Me.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Cotton Candy

Day # 24 of Project 365

Cotton Candy
Cotton Candy

He's a sweet talkin' sugar coated candyman
A sweet talkin' sugar coated candyman

And...ya, that's the only thing he's good at.

3-in-1 Project 365

My Singapore travel trip's Project 365. More travel story next post. :)

Day # 21 of Project 365

Retro with a modern twist
Retro with a modern twist

'I remember when I was younger, I loved to sit beside my grandpa's work table and touch every single that is within my reach. Grandpa always like to use his long wooden ruler to hit my cheeky hand.

Among all, there is this one piece of old chunky equipment that intrigued me the most, the antique radio. Grandpa told me that was his favourite toy. Whenever there's a chance, I always like to play with the radio dials, twist and turning them with all my might. Then one final day, I spoiled it. Although Grandpa patted my little head, smiling while consoling me because I cried being too afraid that he would be mad at me, I can see the sadness and disappointment in his eyes. I felt really guilty.

Now that I chance upon this retro piece of radio with a little bit of modern tweak, it reminded me of Grandpa. He is long gone by now, but how I wish I can bring this to him and see his lovely smile again.'

Day # 22 of Project 365

Lead me to the brightest way
Brightest promise?

I don't want fallacy and be disappointed again.

Day # 23 of Project 365


The beautiful architecture, the neatly planted trees, and the view by the river tell me what wonderful world this could be.

I walked along the street and took a look at the people around me: Happy family, Loving couple, innocent kids and joyful friendships.
And then I look at myself, my camera and my hand bag that I brought with me, I realise what a a pleasant solitude I am in!

P.S I love smelling the scent of urban air. :)

@ Raffles Places, Singapore