Monday, June 1, 2009

3-in-1 Project 365

My Singapore travel trip's Project 365. More travel story next post. :)

Day # 21 of Project 365

Retro with a modern twist
Retro with a modern twist

'I remember when I was younger, I loved to sit beside my grandpa's work table and touch every single that is within my reach. Grandpa always like to use his long wooden ruler to hit my cheeky hand.

Among all, there is this one piece of old chunky equipment that intrigued me the most, the antique radio. Grandpa told me that was his favourite toy. Whenever there's a chance, I always like to play with the radio dials, twist and turning them with all my might. Then one final day, I spoiled it. Although Grandpa patted my little head, smiling while consoling me because I cried being too afraid that he would be mad at me, I can see the sadness and disappointment in his eyes. I felt really guilty.

Now that I chance upon this retro piece of radio with a little bit of modern tweak, it reminded me of Grandpa. He is long gone by now, but how I wish I can bring this to him and see his lovely smile again.'

Day # 22 of Project 365

Lead me to the brightest way
Brightest promise?

I don't want fallacy and be disappointed again.

Day # 23 of Project 365


The beautiful architecture, the neatly planted trees, and the view by the river tell me what wonderful world this could be.

I walked along the street and took a look at the people around me: Happy family, Loving couple, innocent kids and joyful friendships.
And then I look at myself, my camera and my hand bag that I brought with me, I realise what a a pleasant solitude I am in!

P.S I love smelling the scent of urban air. :)

@ Raffles Places, Singapore

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