Saturday, June 13, 2009

I love to run!

Seeing the date of the Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2009 is really approaching, I am working on my brains very hard and monitoring it hard, so that they won't slack for training. Because it's the brain that controls your body movement, so when you are lazy, it's because the small little voice in your mind that it's telling you to 'no need to go for training', so I reckon saying 'working and monitoring hard' on my brain is more appropriate.

Haha. Okay, whatever.

The date is really so near! From 'Oh, I still have like 2 and a half months to pick up my stamina, aiya, can la' to the now 'OMG. There's only two weeks left! Shit. I only train like so few times per week. Die la. How.', without realising the time actually rocketed.

Ya, nowdays, 'time flies' seldom apply anymore, do you realise? They always go pass so swiftly like...voooooooooooofff, that we didn't even notice it has slipped through our finger tips, not making even the slightest alarming sound.


Right here waiting for you

Back to the topic of running, seriously, I love to run! The more tired I get, the harder I pant, the more exhausted I get, the more satisfied I am. It's like a reward to me after pushing myself so hard during the run routine. =)) It's estatic! When I don't feel tired enough, it makes me unhappy and agonises me to feel that I have not achieve something.

I love to run! for other reasons, like:

1. I get to put on some hot-looking sports gears. Like this FBT sports pants.

I got it from Singapore during my recent trip and it's super hot. Because it's flatteringly short but securely long. So it reveals whatever that can be revealed and covers whatever that is supposed to be kept 'in the dark'. I super love it. Super. Haha.

2. I get to ditch some unwanted fats away.

3. I get to look hotter and fitter.

4. I live a healthy lifestyle (besides the sleeping late factor).

5. I enjoy any form of andreline rush.

6. I get this 'admiring' or 'impressed' stares/smiles/acknowledgement/praises/ funny expression/ crossed face (for God knows what reason) from onlookers that wonder why I still havn't stopped running after so many rounds. Running-syiok-sendiri-limelight. Woot.

And tonnes of other good reason.

It gives all the benefits one can get, but there's about one thing I definitely hate about it.

The occasional chaffing that I would get.

It's definitely irritating when it hurts like hell, especially when you bath or in contact with water. For those of you that don't know what chaffing is, it is a sore or abrasion you get when your skin rubs too frequently against each other.

Gees. it sounds a bit wrong. Anyway, that's what chaffing is and it happens usually when you are wearing new sports gears, socks too short for your shoes (my running shoes happen to have a quite high back support, also like the sore you get when you wear your new ballet flats. it's damm stupid), or you run more than you usually do, then chaffing starts 'taking place'.

It might be in between your legs (inner thighs, damm stupid, then you have to sort of walk kang-kang like that), crotch, and when you forgot that you supposed to wear your sports bra instead of the ordinary bra, you will have the chaffing in between your..boobs. Haha. All these chaffing are damm stupid.

It's the stupidest when you bathe. Luckily it doesnt take long to heal and I never bother to apply anything to lose the scar. LOL.

Besides the stupid chaffing, the rest about running is JUST AWESOME. :)

So..I'm off for a run now! See me in the park!


khor jiexun said...

shit, i can't even find a slot of time out of my schedule -,-

Chin Fern said...

must nge nge find time one. go to your gym la. hehe.