Monday, June 8, 2009

Slow down

Yesterday after dinner, my sister suggested to go up hill for a night scenic view.

"Let me bring you to the undiscovered beautiful night view of Penang," she said.

So she drove us up to a sloppy hill through a narrow path and as I swallow to clear my ear blockage due to the slight difference of altitude up hill, the view the laid upon my eyes was simply pretty.

At times, when our life have paced too fast, we often miss the details that brighten our soul. We command for swiftness, speeds, rapidness, and things get so hasty that we don't even realise we miss out on some delicate features.

Too fast, Too furious
Too fast too furious

Sometimes we even prayed to God that we are born with wings so that we can fly. (Oh, dear God, preferably Eagle's wings please)

You know what? Life's ought not to be all the time too fast, too furious.

When you start to sit down calmly in tranquility and silence, and take in a few deep breaths where you can go as deep as you can, along with the cooling breeze, you get to see some really delightful things.

Day # 28 of Project 365

Up on the hill
Counting lights up on hill

Pretty isn't it when you slow down your pace? :)

I kept skipping and hopping around the days of Project 365 until I lose track of which day is today for. I leave it unknown first, when I check back I'll update it. =D Wahaha.

Oh, oh btw:
I decided to not make Project 365 like an 'each and everyday' a photo project. Because as long as I've followed it now, I realise sometimes I have to force myself to take a photo without an apparent reason or meaning, so to fulfill the project. I find it a bit purposeless and unmeaningful, if the flow of the photo-taking doesn't come in naturally and with feelings. Therefore, I'll just take a photo when I feel like it until I take 365 photos! =D

You'll still see kinda frequent updates, don't worry. I promise I won't slack as much as before already. Hoho. =DD

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