Saturday, June 20, 2009

KDU Beach Bash!

This event was almost like one-month old. I actually didn't intend to blog about, but by Cindy's request (er, she requested weeks ago), here it is! =D

The Creative Arts and Performing Society of our college, once again headed on organizing another college party, this time a beach themed concert - KDU Beach Bash.

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Oh ya, it's a beach party that is not in a beach. I find it funny, haha.

However, their efforts of making the whole place look really beach-y, deserve some good thumbs up.

The stage
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Something you would see by the beach or thought of or picture when it comes to the word 'beach'. The whole set-up of the 'in-house' beach, not quite bad the effort, eh? :)

They set up some lovely booths for food and beverages too.

This concert featured a few KDU 'in-house' singers accompanied by the newly formed band, who called themselves 'The Band'. LOL. Okla, it's a quirky funny catchy name.

The Band.
photo courtesy of Jay Lim's facebook album.

KDU's in-house singers: Me, Jenny, Cindy (the one who requested me to blog about this) and the faithful supporter, Hazel during prep.

I didn't really take photos on that night because I know my camera would work lame without flash and if i use flash, the photos will turn out sucky, so I just take from other people's blogs and facebook album. :D

The event kicked off with Christopher singing 'Check Yes Juliet' to heat up the very shy crowd. They weren't too keen until the middle of the song and then everybody started singing along, clapping, shouting and cheering.

And while the crowd was enjoying themselves, I was right beside the stairs up the stage, calming myself down and inserting the whatever lyrics into my mind. Not that I still experiencing stage fright, is just that, hehe, I havn't practised enough to save the lyrics into my brain.

Oh, I don't know what tickled me. I just have to laugh, can't help it la ok.

I have one lecturer in class kept telling me: "Fern, control yourself.." with the calming-down hand gestures (you know the opened-facing-downwards-palm that moves up and down gesture?). But tell me, how would you or how can you actually really control your laughter, right right right?

I don't know, I just can't okay? LOL.

Anyway, I was up after Christopher and I sang 'Complicated' by Avril Lavigne.

Oh, this is Blondie. He enjoys being silly.

He kept asking me to take YENG photos of him while he was on-stage because he wants to put it as facebook profile pic. So I tried and tried, utilising fully of my skills and this is the only best photo I have of him.

When his face doesn't show, the photo appears to be the best.

Oh, I know I am a meanie. =)

Besides singing performances, there were beatboxing as well!

The three Black Musketeers: Bill, Ben and Yugen.

Not forgetting a session by a Korean illusionist, hip hop break dancing, Capoeira performance and belly dancing!

Then, here comes Play-Time!

The old-school-yet-fun Limbo Rock.

The midget, Tan Veen Dee was pulled to play in the game because everybody is too sure she would win cos she's petite and thin and probably would Bend it Like Beckham.

But heck, she disappoints everybody when Christyna emerged as the Limbo Rock Queen!

Tan Veen Dee, you suck! =P

After they had a free dance session and stuff like that. The think-we-are-too-cool mass comm gang didn't join in the thrill, we went to chill beside a corner.

Random happy photos, following up!

Oh, let me explain to you this expression. They had a beverage counter that mixes their signature mocktails on your order. The one that Blondie just bought, sucks to the max. We all tasted it and swore we have never tasted anything that bad before. =S I guess Mark just find Blondie silly and humiliating in wanting to taste the drink again and again. Oh Silly Blonde.

As the singing session continued, our camwhore session continued.

Maya with 'Long Train Running'
Jenny with 'Love Song'

There are some other awesome singers that I did not cover on: Benignus, Rachel and Cindy. :)


this candid just turned out super funny and dramatic.

Caleb and I

To the following people:

Tan Veen Dee

Thanks for coming!

You might not be coming FOR me (you know, especially Christyna), but I really appreciate that you came and support me! Tan Veen Dee thanks for shouting: Tan Chin Fern I love you, although you might not mean it. Haha. But I know this is something you would not do in public, cos everything I talked or laughed every loud you would pretend that you don't know me. Chrissie, thanks for the awesome photos with your newly-wed DSLR that I'm jealous of! If it's not for you, I would get to blog about this already! Estee, thanks for missing my performance! LOL. But you are already super awesome because you came! :)



dee said...

FUCK.... why u wan to put on my ugly picture. ok fine, u wait. i am gonna post your photo up and write bout u. BADLY. damnnnnnnnnnn it! spoilt my ,morning!!

dee said...

anyway, love you.



Chin Fern said...

ya whatever. You spoiled my morning too. :P You deserve it.

Cindy L said...

yo! thanks fern!! hahaha
lol!! yeah veen dee!!! limbo is not for u lah!!! hhshshsh

DAMN!! YUgen is lucky that he got a flexible girl..

Nice post fern/ Thanks!

Chin Fern said...

You are most welcome Cindy. Someone just gotta push me to blog. Hahaa.

Wah, flexible girl! Haha. Good for certain activities huh? LOL. Omg. Hahahaha.