Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Holiday doesn't feel like holiday

I'm actually already back in Penang since Monday morning.

And routines never stop or even slow down since then. I wanted to hang out with my friends more during the holidays, but my schedule doesn't seem to have any slots. Argh. Seriously, my holiday doesn't seem like holiday at all.

(Besides the fact that I DID go to Singapore for a sort-of a super-short holiday. My mum kept reminding me about this when I kept complaining about my non-holiday kinda of holiday)

I have to go back to college almost every single day. Firstly, to do recording for radio class live show project.

Oh, talking about recording :)

One of my team mates and I having hell of a time camwhoring in the studio.

Recording Producer

We are supposed to be recording our commercials and we are kinda short of time.

With the one who is very super proud with his rounded jelly belly.

Hafiz's horny face.

I'm still quite lack of skills when it comes to the technical part. Die la. We are gonna have our live show next week.

The console

Besides that, I gotta go back to college for a state photographer competition committee meeting that I'm involved in.

Then, I have singing performance rehearsals and practices to attend to, which the performance would be this Friday night.

Wah. Super busy. Want to stay away from college also quite hard.

Oh, if you all didn't know, I started working at night in a tuition centre preparing notes and review exercises for the secondary school students since late April.

My days are really busy because during some days, I would have to get out from home 8.30am in the morn, bring everything else that's needed for the day with me, and then go to work right after college and then reach home at around 11.30pm. On certain days, I would have to go college, go marathon training and then go to work; and on Thursdays, I will have to go college, go dance class and then straight to work.

And my whole point of saying this is, I actually skipped work this whole week (for no apparent reason. Woot). I also have decided that I would quit my job because I find no purpose in continue a job that do not actually contribute to my future endeavour, wellbeing or whatnot. I neglect too much of my college's assignments too in fact.

Oh! And last Tuesday, I went to watch a movie with Jiayan and Hui Theng, 'Angels and Demons'. The most interesting part of my entire movie session is that, I slept throughout the 3/4 of the movie. Woot. You can give me your saluation if you want.

It is not that the movie isn't mind-blowing or mind-boggling or what, especially when it's scripted from Dan Brown's controversial thriller fiction novel. I guess I was just too tired. Hoho. But then I didn't miss the key parts of the movie! Like when the canister which contained a quarter of a gram of antimatter is found to be stolen, (and then after I just doooooze offffff....), and the scene where the canister was discovered, I woke up automatically. So I actually witnessed the 'Lost' and the 'Found' part of the key prop that engined the entire story. Hoho.

This post is so all over the place but nevermind lah, as long as you can understand what I wrote.

My Project 365 is so outdated already. I'll post Day 25 first and then the rest I'll post as backdated post okay? Hoho. I'm kinda back to my slacky blog-updating style. Gees.

Day # 25 of Project 365

Recording Studio Foolery
Recording Studio Foolery: Hafiz & Me.

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