Friday, June 5, 2009

Family Movie-Midnight-Out

My whole family went for a midnight show on Thursday.

Damm cool la my family. I think. Haha.

We watched Night in the Museum 2.

It's like a movie the 4 of us are so eager to watch but we can't find the time where all four of us can make it. So we decided to just watch the midnight show when everybody else would be free. We don't do this often though.

We were in a rather big theatre but with very few people. If I didn't remember wrongly, two other couples and two families. My dad was kinda excited with the whole 'movie-night-out' thing and was talking so loud in the theatre.

Because, there were less people, it makes his voice even louder. He was telling me things like:

"wah, it's been some time since I came to cinema for a movie. What was the last movie we watched together? Oh ya, Money not Enough 2."
"How come the cinemas has so little people only, how can the cost be covered?"
"Eh, see, I can put my leg up like this." (then he showed me proudly how he can put his legs up comfortably and carefreely)
"Where's your drink? Let me have a sip."

I just can't help laughing and responding to his enthusiasm.

I was afraid he was too loud so I told him: Eh, don't talk so loud la. Can you talk softer like this? (Then I talked to show me what my 'soft' meant)

"Loud? How can this be loud? I didn't talk very loud."

Then the branding commercial of the film production company starts playing. So I was telling my dad, Oh, it's gonna start already. Don't talk anymore.

This clip was shown.

My funny dad was watching it and then translating it out in Chinese to me '二十世纪狐狸'.

Argh. How can my dad be so cute and funny. I ♥ my dad!

I think Night in the Museum 2 is a good movie. Although it's not as amusing as the first one, of course, because we already knew that the story is again going to around the plot of museum displays coming back to life, but the story is still as interesting.

Besides that, it always has some wonderful value to offer. This time around it was the key to happiness. Watch the movie, then you'll know. =)

Oh, I super love the cupids that are in the movie.

Halfway through the movie, my dad fell asleep. LOL. His justification was it was too cold that's why he fell asleep. I can't really take in what he said because he's a guy that goes to Genting without any jackets or long sleeves or any warming clothing and walks outdoor. He's also one that kept teasing us: Cold meh? Cold meh? Where got cold? You see, I don't even need to wear anything extra. Aiya, it's not cold la. Take off your jacket.

But he fell asleep in a cinema because it's too cold.

And that quirky guy, is my dad.

I ♥ my awesome family. =D

Day # 26 of Project 365

Happy Family


liow yingtian said...

ur daddy so cute hahaha. can imagine. hee hee

Chin Fern said...

Wahaha. cute right. LOL. I don't understand why he can be so cute!! Hahahaha.