Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Brutal Truth

Yea. Hello, I'm back. Actually since Monday morning. But yea, as usual, too tired, too busy and what not.

I suddenly have to come here to say something in the middle of my midnight-oil-production because I think I suddenly somehow found out some brutal truth that I never want it to happen.

Usually, I would write in the facebook status, but I reckon that is way a too easy access to information kinda media, so since my blog is not that popular anyway, blurting it out here is more appropriate.

I was flipping through the photos in facebook. You know as usual, the busybody job of checking out other people's photos. It's some kind of a leisure thing to do now days, nothing bad about being a busybody in that form. Argh. Whatever shit. I just got myself a little more shocked and unbelievable when I was busy flipping through photos of someone.

They are back together?

This is something I had sense from the start. Just somehow I can sense it and feel it. Now I understand the justification of females having sensitive six sense.

But I chose to ignore it and gave in. Now I'm laughing at my foolishness. Ultimate foolishness.

They, the photos, can't be solid proof of them getting back together, this is entire my assumption. But then it's too hard to convince myself I'm thinking too much!

Wait. Actually I should not have been thinking about it anyway. Argh. I have decided to drop it down, means I have decided to drop it down. No second thoughts about it. Shouldn't it be this way?

Shouldn't it?

Yes, starting from now.

I shouldn't be reminiscing;
shouldn't be thinking;
shouldn't be hoping;
shouldn't be dreaming;
shouldn't be wishing;
shouldn't be waiting;
shouldn't be giving;
oh, most of all, should be wasting my time at all!

Thank you for letting me out of the twirl. It's such a great feeling.

Oh, and damm you for taking such a long time. I really think you have no balls or at least the lack of it, which is even worse.

Anyhow, anyway, oh well, ALL THE BEST.

Just so you know, You just miss a gem. :)

P.S I'll update things about my previous post some other time okay. Now I have to get back to work. Thanks for lending your ear to read (or not) my emo stuff. =D

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liow yingtian said...

way to go fern! haha. catch up wih u friday. i think we know what u are writing about. hoho. kick 'em. piak piak!


cheers ferny!