Sunday, November 29, 2009

Study break

Argh. I finally got some time to blog! I think this is the longest hiatus my blog has had, so even getting me to start back blogging needed some kinda of momentum and some mental prep. Haha. I'm weird.

Have been sooooo busy with college assignments! So much work to do now that I'm nearing my final year. (Okay, or rather, I have been doing other nonsense things like facebooking too much to slack in my assignments. Hmmmm.) But then seriously, assignments now don't take one night to finish already, not even two nights! OMG. The old school method couldn't be applied so now I'm very stucked.

Sleep hasn't been good either. For the past two weeks, I have forgotten the feeling of sleeping soundly already. Most of the mornings when I got up, I will either find myself falling asleep on my desk or waking up with my laptop beside my bed cos I did my work on my bed the night before.

Ya, I do sound like I am very busy, but the effort doesn't seem to be equal to the productivity in my assignments. I was wasting crap lot of time doing god-knows-what. Seriously, I don't even know what I was doing.

As of today, I have not been running for a week already! The longest record too for the past few months since I have been running frequently. Argh, I so wanna get back on my pair of running shoes and my favourite running shorts and meet my running friends and see the green green grass and... erm, okay, minus the stupid glutton monkeys in Botanical Gardens that scares with their mouth wide open if they think you are too hot and pretty.

I get that a lot, that's why I know. Heh.

I wanna get back to the track, so much. Track as in running track and my proper-good-girl routine back on track. I have been skipping class (I know it's bad, so hit me, slap me, punch me, kick me etc) and missing deadlines. (Okay, double hit me, slap me, punch me, kick me etc)

So yes, I am very very stucked.

But nevermind, don't get stuck together with me. I'm pulling my socks up now and hope that I can still make up for the lost and still do pretty well in my exam which is coming in a week's time. Plus, now that I'm on study break for a week, I wanna make sure I really STUDY.


However, all the terrible habits aside. I have two things that I can pat myself on my back.

Firstly, I scored Distinction on my piano exam. Wooopie! I answered a few aural question wrongly, which has only a few questions to get wrong anyway, so practically 50% correct. But I guess it's the playing of the pieces that got me my marks. I played some notes wrongly too as I trembled, too nervous okayyy. grrrr. But anyway Distinction means Distinction lah. Don't care already. Yeay.

Secondly, I ran the Penang Bridge Run with Jiayan and Hui Ting! Hehe. Oh, I actually did just the 10K Fun Run, so nothing so huge to be proud of. But I brought my semi-handicapped camera along with me for the run and managed to capture some photos! I enjoyed the race very much although I wasn't doing it competitively, like I always would; no beautiful medal also, only a thin sheet of certificate that is half-crumpled. It was a very happy day for me and I wanna do a blog post about it! ;)

But as for now,


I'm serious.



I still have that bloody Flash assignment waiting to be done.


Why this won't end?

P.S My blog post below, ancient post. It was in my draft for the past maybe 2 nearing to 3 weeks already. Just read la okay? Hehe.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Very Black Hair Day

Gonna write on some ancient news. I always update my blog so slowly that if you are the kind that wish to sometimes take some time off the congested real-time news that is vastly available out there, come and read my blog and u can feel that time actually slows down a lot more with all this outdated news being wrote here. ;)

So, oh yes. It's still about my hair. The story hasn't reached its happily-ever-after ending yet.

Especially now that is already Black. Very black in fact. Black until if I stand in front of a big black screen, I will look as if I am Ms Bald.

Let me tell you why this happen.

So I did say I dyed my hair right, my new hair story, just a few posts below. I was so happy with the colour and how my new hair looks good on me every time I look into the mirror. Hehe. So after a 3-day hair washing inhibition after a hair-dye, I washed my hair.

Hair stylist told me the colour will still fade around 20% after your wash, so 20%, okay, I am fine with that. But it's so not true! The colour went back nearly to my original hair colour state, the brownish-golden kinda colour, and it was in the form of a few patches and it was ugly and no one even realised that I actually did something to my hair!

So I went back to the shop and the hairstylist did some mending for me.

And it became what it is today. T_T

So black like baa baa black sheep you know T_T

A lot of people complimented the new hair colour and that it suits me more than my previous colour. Few others prefer my previous hair. Hmmmm.

I prefer that one that I redye. Sigh. Now I have to wait for a few more months to dye it again. I can't get used to it everytime when I look into the mirror. Oh well, but like what Whitney Houstan sings, "learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all!" Not very relevant but I will learn to love my black hair! ;)

Anyway, evidence to show you how baa baa black sheep-ly black my hair is.

Black hair.

Black moustache wannabe.

I'm gonna have Black Hair Day every single Day! ;)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Genting Trail Blazer 2009: Pre-race Day

Reached Awana Resort from Genting through Awana Skyway then bus. Didn't know so troublesome. Have to wait so long for Skyway and then have to wait another half and hour for the bus.

Reached Awana Resort. Went to register and pick up the goody bag and someone from Penang could recognised me from my running team in Penang. I was surprised, didn't know running could actually gain me a teeny weeny bit of fame. Wanted to check-in my room, but hotel hasn't got it ready yet.


So went to have my sucky salad lunch. As glamorous as the name of the dish might be, "Hydroponic Genting Salad", the taste is 180 degrees around.

yucky salad

It is really bitter that no matter how much thousand island sauce I dressed it with couldn't cover its bitterness. T_T

I request for a brand new dish although I know pretty well it wouldn't possibly make the situation any better, but I wanted to try my luck and it was clear enough that I was not as lucky as I think I would be. Haha. The new dish tasted just. as. bad.

I had to eat lots of vegetables because I was in serious need of fiber. Like really badly, if you get what I mean.

Went to check room collection status, but my name still wasn't in the list. They say it wasn't ready, have to still wait. But half of the people has already gone back to their room and probably snoring half way by now. Decided to on my laptop and check for wifi availability and to kill time, and woopie THEY HAVE! =)

More and more people are registering and the place is getting crowded and there was really a MAJOR HOT GUYS ALERT. Hoho. (What a feast for the eyes)

Race briefing. It didn't help to confide me about the race tomorrow, it just added pepper and salt to my fears and worries.

They told us we will definitely get cuts and bruises and find some leeches, so it's best to wear long pants; and the longest pants that I have got with me is one that covers just over my butt, my socks weren't any longer than my ankle either. Yeayness, that means I will get some new leech friends tomorrow. =( oh no.

We were also warned that weather wasn't looking too good, might rain and the trails might get a lil' too slippery. It is adviced to wear proper trail shoes for the race. The shoes I brought can't even be considered as a proper running shoes. It was my old pair of nearly worn off running shoes. Yeayness, that means I will slip and fall and slip and fall . =( oh no.

All in all, it wasn't a pleasant briefing. It got me worried how ugly with sore will I get after the race.

Went to check room status. STILL UNAVAILABLE. They don't even have my name in the list at all. I wonder whether I have to sleep in the restaurant's kitchen for the night. Plus, I'm bored. =S My partner is occupying my laptop and he's too engrossed to even care whether am I laughing and talking to myself while waiting for him to finish using my laptop.

Haha. Nola. I didn't laugh and talk to myself la. Siao. Not that creepy.

Finally broken free from boredom. I complained that I want to use the laptop already. When to check room again and they said can only settled by 7pm. There are not many people in the hall already and we are still stranded at this place.

ROOM IS READY. I walked in and my jaw dropped. We were given a really hugeee room.


Hope the photos did justice to the room. Two single beds with Spacious toilet, a living area with couch and big TV and a bar-like cooking area. Our rooms are at a different block from the other participants, I asked the others and our room is indeed way bigger than theirs although they have double queen-sized beds.

Such reward for having to wait for a few hours more than others, I think it's..hmmm...pretty worth it.

Our packaged buffet dinner actually started serving at 7pm. We immediately chucked our things and dashed down for the dinner rush. Have to compete with other 1000 people for dinner okay, of course have to be speedy fast. Oh yes, forgot to tell you, there were around 560 teams registered for the race, where majority came from KL and Selangor, the rest like Penang and a lot of Singaporean teams as well. There is surprisingly more Penang teams than I have expected.

Made some new friends over dinner. They are really avid sportsperson and they go to places for races and they join almost every single one of their local races. Talked quite a bit and they shared about past years' experience in the Trail Blazer, gave us some tips too. I asked them about the leech problem, hoping to get some life-saving tips and they told me to just let them suck my blood until they syiok, they will drop off by themselves. -.-

But apparently, their bite won't hurt but it will itch for a while during aftermath. But whatever shit it is, don't any leeches come near me, I will guarantee smash you into pieces. (If I haven't faint over after seeing you)

Okay, so now I'm back in the room. What should I do? I know this room is big, but...what exactly can I do? So now I'm bored. Argh. I think maybe I should get some sleep soon. It's way too early compared to my usual timing, but I will try. Or maybe I could watch the Monster Inc. cartoon that is showing at TV2.

Argh. I don't know. I didn't know I would get this bored.

Cross-fingers tomorrow's race will only get better.

Monday, November 9, 2009

New Hair Story + Syiok Sendiri Updates

Hoho. I have finally ditched my burnt goldish-brownish-(some colour like that)-two-toned-already-kinda-ugly hair, so I am pretty now, as in more pretty. (I know I already am pretty, don't have to remind me, thank you.)

I finally did it on last Friday. I have always wanted to redye it cos the new black hair that is growing makes my hair look really horrible, especially in photos, and that caused me to have some hint of some substandard ah lian element.

And I don't understand one thing.

Around 2001, when this Taiwanese Chinese Pop group, S.H.E, hit the town, I used admire one of the singer, Hebe's hairstyle. She had long hair, which was coloured into two portions: a section of full black hair, length from hair root to around the ear; while ear down, it was brownish-gold in colour.

Like this.
(Girl in the middle)


I can't believe I used to admire her hairstyle. Can't believe. I even told myself that when the comes when I can keep long hair, I want to have the hair colour like hers. I used to think it's so hip and stylish and beautiful.

Now that I think back, I want to run myself towards the wall and hit real hard on my head. What was I think at that point time? Geees. Luckily my fashion sense heightened a lot of folds as I grow older and I assure you will NEVER EVER, EVER see me admiring that kind of hairstyle and dream of having it one day.

So, because my hair, if still left unattended, will one day sooner or later become like hers. Terrified by the fact (no offence to Hebe's fans though, she looks really lovely now), therefore I knew I had to do something no matter how busy I could be! I actually wanted to do it before my Genting Trail Blazer trip, but didn't work out, not until last Friday.

Some might have seen it already. But for those who haven't, here's my new hair colour! ;)


It's taken at our college's delayed Halloween Party, that's why Simone became like a cat and my fake eyelashes. Hehe. My hair is darker now. No more striking goldish-brown, no more highlights too. I love it!

(Update: But after my first wash, my hair slightly went back to its previous colour. And when I tell people I redyed my hair, they ask me: got meh? -.- Argh. GOT LA. I wanna go back to the shop and complain already.)

The photo above is actually a tagged photo in my facebook. So I was looking at it and accidentally clicked back to my very very first photo in facebook few years back when I was still in my secondary.

Show you, show you!


Woopie. How much have I changed, wearing that coconut-shell hairstyle!

But this photo still cannot yet be considered one of the worst looking photo during high schools, I had more horrendous moments, trust me. I think I was 16 when this photo is taken, before my choir performance in Dewan Sri Penang. The girl beside me is Yon Lynn, an absolutely amazing singer! ;)

Oh! By the way, few weeks back, we had a web assignment where we had to design a personal website or in another words a very syiok sendiri website where you promote yourself. At first I didn't quite enjoy the process of doing it, because I'm always quite handicap when it comes to any form of designning, but I got really syiok sendiri-ly happy and fulfilling after seeing what I have done.

Show you this one too! the homepage. heh.
syioksendiri page

I have gotten tired having to look at my mundane and noncommittal blog layout. Hmmmm..maybe I should really work something out to give it a fresh new look like this and get you tired looking at my face one final day, with that! Haha.

Okay, I know I should be updating things about my Genting Trail Blazer but....I will try my best okay?

Monday, November 2, 2009

Genting TrailBlazer 2009: When it all has ended

I was just back from my grueling race from Genting Trailblazer Sunday night.

I had major body ache. Major.

My arms ache like shit and it started from my shoulder, so which means I can't lift my arms, even have hard times wearing on my clothes. Driving an auto-car with power steering now is also kinda straining.

My leg muscles ache. I can't even walk like a proper girl.

I have cuts, scratches and bruises of assorted hues and designs on both my legs, front and back.

Around 15 splinter cuts in total on both my palms.

Luckily, my face is unhurt and still as beautiful as it is! Haha.

The race was tough, really tough. Tougher than I had imagined it to turn out to be and the aftermath effect on my body was also worse than I had expected.

The journey to endure wasn't any single bit of child's play and as the route was designed in a single-way manner, once you started you have no turning back. You are left with the two only choices: to end the race faster or slower, that's it. There is no such thing as Vanilla or Chocolate ice-cream, I'd pick the Strawberry flavoured one, nothing like it.

It was really an amazing race and to-date the toughest physical endurance I had ever experienced. Although our final positioning of the competition wasn't as I have wanted to achieve, in my heart it is, a victory, as I recalled how I really struggled and strived till the very end. Not without my partner's tireless and persevering push and encouragement, we would have not clocked in the time when ran through the finishing line.

Finishing Line

Trust me, this final lap has never felt any better.

Finisher Medal

So....stay tuned for my post entry on the Genting TrailBlazer 2009 race snippets!