Monday, November 9, 2009

New Hair Story + Syiok Sendiri Updates

Hoho. I have finally ditched my burnt goldish-brownish-(some colour like that)-two-toned-already-kinda-ugly hair, so I am pretty now, as in more pretty. (I know I already am pretty, don't have to remind me, thank you.)

I finally did it on last Friday. I have always wanted to redye it cos the new black hair that is growing makes my hair look really horrible, especially in photos, and that caused me to have some hint of some substandard ah lian element.

And I don't understand one thing.

Around 2001, when this Taiwanese Chinese Pop group, S.H.E, hit the town, I used admire one of the singer, Hebe's hairstyle. She had long hair, which was coloured into two portions: a section of full black hair, length from hair root to around the ear; while ear down, it was brownish-gold in colour.

Like this.
(Girl in the middle)


I can't believe I used to admire her hairstyle. Can't believe. I even told myself that when the comes when I can keep long hair, I want to have the hair colour like hers. I used to think it's so hip and stylish and beautiful.

Now that I think back, I want to run myself towards the wall and hit real hard on my head. What was I think at that point time? Geees. Luckily my fashion sense heightened a lot of folds as I grow older and I assure you will NEVER EVER, EVER see me admiring that kind of hairstyle and dream of having it one day.

So, because my hair, if still left unattended, will one day sooner or later become like hers. Terrified by the fact (no offence to Hebe's fans though, she looks really lovely now), therefore I knew I had to do something no matter how busy I could be! I actually wanted to do it before my Genting Trail Blazer trip, but didn't work out, not until last Friday.

Some might have seen it already. But for those who haven't, here's my new hair colour! ;)


It's taken at our college's delayed Halloween Party, that's why Simone became like a cat and my fake eyelashes. Hehe. My hair is darker now. No more striking goldish-brown, no more highlights too. I love it!

(Update: But after my first wash, my hair slightly went back to its previous colour. And when I tell people I redyed my hair, they ask me: got meh? -.- Argh. GOT LA. I wanna go back to the shop and complain already.)

The photo above is actually a tagged photo in my facebook. So I was looking at it and accidentally clicked back to my very very first photo in facebook few years back when I was still in my secondary.

Show you, show you!


Woopie. How much have I changed, wearing that coconut-shell hairstyle!

But this photo still cannot yet be considered one of the worst looking photo during high schools, I had more horrendous moments, trust me. I think I was 16 when this photo is taken, before my choir performance in Dewan Sri Penang. The girl beside me is Yon Lynn, an absolutely amazing singer! ;)

Oh! By the way, few weeks back, we had a web assignment where we had to design a personal website or in another words a very syiok sendiri website where you promote yourself. At first I didn't quite enjoy the process of doing it, because I'm always quite handicap when it comes to any form of designning, but I got really syiok sendiri-ly happy and fulfilling after seeing what I have done.

Show you this one too! the homepage. heh.
syioksendiri page

I have gotten tired having to look at my mundane and noncommittal blog layout. Hmmmm..maybe I should really work something out to give it a fresh new look like this and get you tired looking at my face one final day, with that! Haha.

Okay, I know I should be updating things about my Genting Trail Blazer but....I will try my best okay?

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