Monday, November 2, 2009

Genting TrailBlazer 2009: When it all has ended

I was just back from my grueling race from Genting Trailblazer Sunday night.

I had major body ache. Major.

My arms ache like shit and it started from my shoulder, so which means I can't lift my arms, even have hard times wearing on my clothes. Driving an auto-car with power steering now is also kinda straining.

My leg muscles ache. I can't even walk like a proper girl.

I have cuts, scratches and bruises of assorted hues and designs on both my legs, front and back.

Around 15 splinter cuts in total on both my palms.

Luckily, my face is unhurt and still as beautiful as it is! Haha.

The race was tough, really tough. Tougher than I had imagined it to turn out to be and the aftermath effect on my body was also worse than I had expected.

The journey to endure wasn't any single bit of child's play and as the route was designed in a single-way manner, once you started you have no turning back. You are left with the two only choices: to end the race faster or slower, that's it. There is no such thing as Vanilla or Chocolate ice-cream, I'd pick the Strawberry flavoured one, nothing like it.

It was really an amazing race and to-date the toughest physical endurance I had ever experienced. Although our final positioning of the competition wasn't as I have wanted to achieve, in my heart it is, a victory, as I recalled how I really struggled and strived till the very end. Not without my partner's tireless and persevering push and encouragement, we would have not clocked in the time when ran through the finishing line.

Finishing Line

Trust me, this final lap has never felt any better.

Finisher Medal

So....stay tuned for my post entry on the Genting TrailBlazer 2009 race snippets!

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