Sunday, November 29, 2009

Study break

Argh. I finally got some time to blog! I think this is the longest hiatus my blog has had, so even getting me to start back blogging needed some kinda of momentum and some mental prep. Haha. I'm weird.

Have been sooooo busy with college assignments! So much work to do now that I'm nearing my final year. (Okay, or rather, I have been doing other nonsense things like facebooking too much to slack in my assignments. Hmmmm.) But then seriously, assignments now don't take one night to finish already, not even two nights! OMG. The old school method couldn't be applied so now I'm very stucked.

Sleep hasn't been good either. For the past two weeks, I have forgotten the feeling of sleeping soundly already. Most of the mornings when I got up, I will either find myself falling asleep on my desk or waking up with my laptop beside my bed cos I did my work on my bed the night before.

Ya, I do sound like I am very busy, but the effort doesn't seem to be equal to the productivity in my assignments. I was wasting crap lot of time doing god-knows-what. Seriously, I don't even know what I was doing.

As of today, I have not been running for a week already! The longest record too for the past few months since I have been running frequently. Argh, I so wanna get back on my pair of running shoes and my favourite running shorts and meet my running friends and see the green green grass and... erm, okay, minus the stupid glutton monkeys in Botanical Gardens that scares with their mouth wide open if they think you are too hot and pretty.

I get that a lot, that's why I know. Heh.

I wanna get back to the track, so much. Track as in running track and my proper-good-girl routine back on track. I have been skipping class (I know it's bad, so hit me, slap me, punch me, kick me etc) and missing deadlines. (Okay, double hit me, slap me, punch me, kick me etc)

So yes, I am very very stucked.

But nevermind, don't get stuck together with me. I'm pulling my socks up now and hope that I can still make up for the lost and still do pretty well in my exam which is coming in a week's time. Plus, now that I'm on study break for a week, I wanna make sure I really STUDY.


However, all the terrible habits aside. I have two things that I can pat myself on my back.

Firstly, I scored Distinction on my piano exam. Wooopie! I answered a few aural question wrongly, which has only a few questions to get wrong anyway, so practically 50% correct. But I guess it's the playing of the pieces that got me my marks. I played some notes wrongly too as I trembled, too nervous okayyy. grrrr. But anyway Distinction means Distinction lah. Don't care already. Yeay.

Secondly, I ran the Penang Bridge Run with Jiayan and Hui Ting! Hehe. Oh, I actually did just the 10K Fun Run, so nothing so huge to be proud of. But I brought my semi-handicapped camera along with me for the run and managed to capture some photos! I enjoyed the race very much although I wasn't doing it competitively, like I always would; no beautiful medal also, only a thin sheet of certificate that is half-crumpled. It was a very happy day for me and I wanna do a blog post about it! ;)

But as for now,


I'm serious.



I still have that bloody Flash assignment waiting to be done.


Why this won't end?

P.S My blog post below, ancient post. It was in my draft for the past maybe 2 nearing to 3 weeks already. Just read la okay? Hehe.

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