Thursday, December 3, 2009

Happy Little Things ;)

I just came back from my run, still in sweat and smell while updating the blog. Heh.

That's just so that you can also feel my happiness getting back to my run at Botanical Gardens after such a long break. I used to run at least 3 -4 times a week, so being busy with every other thing makes me have to put running aside.

I am very happy to see my friends there too! =D They always make me laugh. Heh.

Oh! But one unhappy thing. There's one lady around her mid-30s ( I put late-30s at my facebook status, she's not that old I think. Must do her age some justice), who go as often as I do to run, looking fitter and hotter than I do. Very Double-u-Tee-Eff you know. Especially the legs. Haha. I'm jealous. Before that, she's already fit but with a lil' bit chubbiness and that made her looked too muscular for a lady, but now she has lost weight and looks really good! Gosh

I must really get back on track on a very regular basis now! Get fitter and let her be jealous of me instead. Because she's actually very unfriendly! She never smiles to me every single time when she looks at me, even though I tried to smile to her. Plus we usually run past each other in an opposing direction, so we will surely bump into each other almost every single round. Bah. She really never try to smile. Bah. Whatever shit.

But put that aside, today's run is a happy run! ;)

Posting up photos of little things that have made my day in spite of the stressful exam mode.


Veen Dee's husky puppy, Nishka!

2 and half months baby! But bigger than my 3-year-old Money. Super active and kept biting.

There's once she lurched towards my face and made my left contact lens came off. Geees.

Oh, btw can ignore my face on the photo above. Heh.


soldier toy
Colourful Roboo!

Wind it and this is a little toy will shake its' butt and move its arms. It's really cute!

I bought it from the Deaf & Dumb Association that has their people going around places to places then table to table to sell their little toy gifts.

Not my first time seeing them selling like this and receiving cold water from table to table. It's so heart-wrenching seeing them being turned down so many times despite their sincerity in seeking people's support. But I do understand, very little people needs this kind of gifts.

Anyway, I hope my little contribution helped made their day a teeny weeny bit! ;)


baby Amber
Baby Amber!

My classmate, Wei Jin's new born baby daughter! She's so tiny and so cute and kept making multiple incomprehensible face expressions.


To let you see her better, got it from her dad's facebook. Hehe. ;)

Ain't these really happy little things?

Life's good. Live life smiling and laughing, hehe, like I do!

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