Wednesday, December 9, 2009

gigigaga (This title has totally no meaning. TQ.)

I'm really tired.

I have been sleeping in at wee hours of the days for the past 3 weeks. Wee means like 4am or 5am.

Sometimes I'm doing junk things, like surfing blogshops and reading other people's blog. I didn't mean the sites are junk, but reading people's blog and surfing blogshops can wait till tomorrow, can't it?

Oh! And that bloody hell life-taker, most evil sources of all

Walao. Hate it. Hands-down if you think you have no-life when you log on to facebook.

See? Everybody also hands-down.

You will
1. Check out people's photos.
2. Check out your favourite guy's photos.
3. How that funny girl upload all the japanese-taiwan-act-cute-kawaii pose and tonnes of guys with funny facebook names comment "prettie~!" on it.
4. Click to see the profile of some guy's girlfriend or some girl's boyfriend.
5. Click on the photo albums of the girl from your high school who used to look funny and now FUYOH more beautiful than you are. damm it.
6. Hot chic model-friend photos.
7. Check out your favourite guy's photos AGAIN.
8. Play funny games that makes you no life.
9. Silently laughing at people who humiliate themselves through their status.
10. Check out your favourite guy's photos ALL OVER AGAIN.

Am I not right? =P

Do you suddenly just feel very self-conscious now that you are actually on facebook on the other tab?

Oh wait.


Did I just reveal how a Nosy-Parker and a b*tch I am?

I mean, not just me, but you also do such things when you are in facebook right?

Don't lie!

Or fine. Maybe it's just me. Whatever shit.

But the most important thing now is: I HAVE FINISHED MY FINAL EXAM. DONE FOR THIS SEMESTER. wooooooopie!

Another most important thing now is: AND I'M GOING TO BANGKOK FOR A 'PERFECT GETAWAY TOMORROW! With Esther and Veen Dee and Haan. EXCITED.

Another another most important thing now is: ARGHHHHH. MY FLASH PROJECT IS STILL TO BE COMPLETED. Super geram with it already.

I'm really so tired. Can't stay up any more late nights to do projects. I think my body has rang its alert alarm so loud that it has deafen my ears and I am still innocently ignoring it.

But good news is: I'm taking train to Bangkok from Alor Setar. Gonna be a whole new experience! ( I mean that's UNLESS I choose not to sleep for most of the 16-hour journey it would take) But actually I meant it as a good news because I can replenish my lost sleep during the 16-hour journey, but then that means I will miss my train ride experience. Hmmm.

Very contradicting. Nevermind. Whatever floats the boat, in this case, whatever moves the train. I will assure I am gonna have an awesome-posome Bangkok trip!

Went to meet up with Liow Ying Tian, Lee Phey Chien and Jelly yum yum before I started packing my bag just now.

2 photos to spice this wordy-texty post up! ;)

G-Clique 2/3


Don't know why I smile so much.

Maybe because I know I am going Bangkok tomorrow!

Hmmm..or maybe because I think the pancake from Paddington Pancake House looks funny.

Or maybe..

Ok. Stop. This post will never end if I don't stop rambling.

Bahhhh. Banggggkokkkk! Wooooopie.

Bye-bye Multimedia & Web Developement and Desktop Publishing. I can finally get over you now that my semester is done.

Okay. Enough.

Say bye-bye to me la.



Sorry insane a bit. Not enough sleep what.



Des said...

Wei, number 9 about me, right? I can hear you laughing at my status la so don't lie.

Chin Fern said...

Ohhh...! Shit. Secret revealed.

ermmmmm...actually, for your case exceptionally la. Your fb status are always brilliant! =DDD

Anonymous said...

It was very interesting for me to read this blog. Thank you for it. I like such topics and anything connected to them. I would like to read a bit more soon.

Chin Fern said...

Thanks. ;) I will try my best to write more! haha.