Wednesday, October 6, 2010

12, 500 PV

My brain has been working its maths ever since the day I was exposed with this figure.

Nope, not a number of monetary value, but a target to achieve right on the last day of October.

I have failed myself with promises for so many times, but it is also because I failed that's why I have to SUCEED this time.

For myself; and for my mum that has done more than what a mother can do for her child; and my dad, whom has reached his time to take pride of his daughter; and my sister, who never forgets to tell me 'You're the best in my heart!' everytime when I did not win as I wanted to.

My first bull's eye would be 12,500, right this month.

I will not say it's woopeedoopee easy; It can't be as hard either. It would just be a choice of whether I am hitting this target or not.

This time, I am choosing to throw right at that seductive bull's eye.

Bull's eye
Photo by Joanna-M, taken from Flikr.

Seductive because my mum just said that bull's eye will bring me my long long long dreamt for DSLR.


Well, what's next?

Just like what Nike likes to say: Just DO IT, babeh!