Saturday, November 14, 2009

Genting Trail Blazer 2009: Pre-race Day

Reached Awana Resort from Genting through Awana Skyway then bus. Didn't know so troublesome. Have to wait so long for Skyway and then have to wait another half and hour for the bus.

Reached Awana Resort. Went to register and pick up the goody bag and someone from Penang could recognised me from my running team in Penang. I was surprised, didn't know running could actually gain me a teeny weeny bit of fame. Wanted to check-in my room, but hotel hasn't got it ready yet.


So went to have my sucky salad lunch. As glamorous as the name of the dish might be, "Hydroponic Genting Salad", the taste is 180 degrees around.

yucky salad

It is really bitter that no matter how much thousand island sauce I dressed it with couldn't cover its bitterness. T_T

I request for a brand new dish although I know pretty well it wouldn't possibly make the situation any better, but I wanted to try my luck and it was clear enough that I was not as lucky as I think I would be. Haha. The new dish tasted just. as. bad.

I had to eat lots of vegetables because I was in serious need of fiber. Like really badly, if you get what I mean.

Went to check room collection status, but my name still wasn't in the list. They say it wasn't ready, have to still wait. But half of the people has already gone back to their room and probably snoring half way by now. Decided to on my laptop and check for wifi availability and to kill time, and woopie THEY HAVE! =)

More and more people are registering and the place is getting crowded and there was really a MAJOR HOT GUYS ALERT. Hoho. (What a feast for the eyes)

Race briefing. It didn't help to confide me about the race tomorrow, it just added pepper and salt to my fears and worries.

They told us we will definitely get cuts and bruises and find some leeches, so it's best to wear long pants; and the longest pants that I have got with me is one that covers just over my butt, my socks weren't any longer than my ankle either. Yeayness, that means I will get some new leech friends tomorrow. =( oh no.

We were also warned that weather wasn't looking too good, might rain and the trails might get a lil' too slippery. It is adviced to wear proper trail shoes for the race. The shoes I brought can't even be considered as a proper running shoes. It was my old pair of nearly worn off running shoes. Yeayness, that means I will slip and fall and slip and fall . =( oh no.

All in all, it wasn't a pleasant briefing. It got me worried how ugly with sore will I get after the race.

Went to check room status. STILL UNAVAILABLE. They don't even have my name in the list at all. I wonder whether I have to sleep in the restaurant's kitchen for the night. Plus, I'm bored. =S My partner is occupying my laptop and he's too engrossed to even care whether am I laughing and talking to myself while waiting for him to finish using my laptop.

Haha. Nola. I didn't laugh and talk to myself la. Siao. Not that creepy.

Finally broken free from boredom. I complained that I want to use the laptop already. When to check room again and they said can only settled by 7pm. There are not many people in the hall already and we are still stranded at this place.

ROOM IS READY. I walked in and my jaw dropped. We were given a really hugeee room.


Hope the photos did justice to the room. Two single beds with Spacious toilet, a living area with couch and big TV and a bar-like cooking area. Our rooms are at a different block from the other participants, I asked the others and our room is indeed way bigger than theirs although they have double queen-sized beds.

Such reward for having to wait for a few hours more than others, I think it's..hmmm...pretty worth it.

Our packaged buffet dinner actually started serving at 7pm. We immediately chucked our things and dashed down for the dinner rush. Have to compete with other 1000 people for dinner okay, of course have to be speedy fast. Oh yes, forgot to tell you, there were around 560 teams registered for the race, where majority came from KL and Selangor, the rest like Penang and a lot of Singaporean teams as well. There is surprisingly more Penang teams than I have expected.

Made some new friends over dinner. They are really avid sportsperson and they go to places for races and they join almost every single one of their local races. Talked quite a bit and they shared about past years' experience in the Trail Blazer, gave us some tips too. I asked them about the leech problem, hoping to get some life-saving tips and they told me to just let them suck my blood until they syiok, they will drop off by themselves. -.-

But apparently, their bite won't hurt but it will itch for a while during aftermath. But whatever shit it is, don't any leeches come near me, I will guarantee smash you into pieces. (If I haven't faint over after seeing you)

Okay, so now I'm back in the room. What should I do? I know this room is big, but...what exactly can I do? So now I'm bored. Argh. I think maybe I should get some sleep soon. It's way too early compared to my usual timing, but I will try. Or maybe I could watch the Monster Inc. cartoon that is showing at TV2.

Argh. I don't know. I didn't know I would get this bored.

Cross-fingers tomorrow's race will only get better.

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liow yingtian said...

btw ya you look more like a businness lady or whatever shit in the hotel room. lol. not some runner.

but of course is a compliment la. hahaha. business lady :D