Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Very Black Hair Day

Gonna write on some ancient news. I always update my blog so slowly that if you are the kind that wish to sometimes take some time off the congested real-time news that is vastly available out there, come and read my blog and u can feel that time actually slows down a lot more with all this outdated news being wrote here. ;)

So, oh yes. It's still about my hair. The story hasn't reached its happily-ever-after ending yet.

Especially now that is already Black. Very black in fact. Black until if I stand in front of a big black screen, I will look as if I am Ms Bald.

Let me tell you why this happen.

So I did say I dyed my hair right, my new hair story, just a few posts below. I was so happy with the colour and how my new hair looks good on me every time I look into the mirror. Hehe. So after a 3-day hair washing inhibition after a hair-dye, I washed my hair.

Hair stylist told me the colour will still fade around 20% after your wash, so 20%, okay, I am fine with that. But it's so not true! The colour went back nearly to my original hair colour state, the brownish-golden kinda colour, and it was in the form of a few patches and it was ugly and no one even realised that I actually did something to my hair!

So I went back to the shop and the hairstylist did some mending for me.

And it became what it is today. T_T

So black like baa baa black sheep you know T_T

A lot of people complimented the new hair colour and that it suits me more than my previous colour. Few others prefer my previous hair. Hmmmm.

I prefer that one that I redye. Sigh. Now I have to wait for a few more months to dye it again. I can't get used to it everytime when I look into the mirror. Oh well, but like what Whitney Houstan sings, "learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all!" Not very relevant but I will learn to love my black hair! ;)

Anyway, evidence to show you how baa baa black sheep-ly black my hair is.

Black hair.

Black moustache wannabe.

I'm gonna have Black Hair Day every single Day! ;)


liow yingtian said...

black hair nice ma no meh? it suits you la haha

Chin Fern said...

hehe. thanks. i need time to get used to it! i prefered my colour hair wor. hehe.