Friday, October 30, 2009

Aloha from Genting!

Peeps, me now is at Genting, sitting at McD, using the wifi, typing out words, to update this blog. ;)


I'm not acting cute, the hand just naturally pose there when I take this photo. =S

Me is like on holiday. Or at least a lil' getaway from my busy busy schedule every single day and I get to sleep a lil' earlier cos there would be no wifi at my hotel room. Therefore no internet to distract myself from my beauty sleep.

Oh, I am actually here for the Genting Trail Blazer that I was so eager to join few months ago but couldn't find a partner cos it's a partner race instead of an individual one.

Check that race out, here. It is actually a 14km cross-country race, comprises of on-the-road running, off-road trailing in the jungle, uphill, downhill, obstacle tracks and the rest you will know when I blogged about it after I experienced it.

So now I have a partner for the race already! ;D

He has been occupying my laptop for the whole day since very early in the morning we reached Genting and I only get to use it now, at night.

I've been here for too many hours to finish walking this Genting Highlands place for a few times already. I will see what more can I do after I off laptop, leave McD, disconnected from Internet and back in my room.

Anyway, wish me luck on my race on Sunday! Hoho. ;D

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Des said...

Good luck!