Sunday, October 11, 2009

When I was trying to update this blog

My internet connection at home seems to be really lame cos I tried numerous times but I just can't sign in to update some lil' things here.

And for the very last time I decided to refresh the page, it just worked, and brought me right to the editting page.

And I just posted this up on my facebook status:

" At one point, I'm frustrated that I can't sign in to my blog cos I can't update it.
But at another stronger point, I'm so happpy that I have reasons not to update it, which is a GOOD reason that won't make me seem like a seemingly-busy-but-in-actual-fact-idle blogger. "

Hee hee.

Don't angry la okay. I'm already half way thru my new post entry, you will just have to scroll down to read it after I am done with it. ;D

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