Wednesday, October 7, 2009


My dad just made a complain to me.

(The following conversation in Chinese will be translated below but is best if you can read Chinese. Heh.)

Dad: 嗐....养儿子女儿这么大( For your info, he doesn't have a 儿子 for heaven sake), 现在每个都在抢车用。

Me: Haiyo. 一定是这样的嘛。难道你要我们永远小小,小小这样的meh? 然后去哪里都要你载这样吗?

Dad: *silence* ( I thought he's contemplating on what I said and agreeing with what I say at the same time)
*continues* 不是啦,一定会有护花使者的嘛。

Lemme translate before I give my comment.

Dad: Haih, after the hardships raising up the children, now when they all have already grown up, they start to fight for car to use.

Me: Haiyo. It's always like that. You mean you want us to forever stay so small and tiny and kiddy? And needs you to chauffeur us wherever we go?

Dad: *silence* (I thought he's contemplating on what I said and agreeing with what I say at the same time)
*continues* Nola, sure have boyfriend or admirer to fetch around one ma. (I don't know the exact translation of 护花使者, but they mean something like that)


So my dad is complaining that I don't have a boyfriend. jiak sai. Where got father like that one.

Shouldn't he just feel proud that I am a daughter who knows what to place as priority in life and one who is willing to spend time and chit chat with him whenever there's time?

Gees. Wait till one day when I have one, then he will regret about the complain he just made. Heh.

Btw, this week is exam week. =S

My college just changed their exam format system and it is making me pull my hair and curse everytime I come out from exam room. =((

Exam is turning me into a vulgar person. haha.

We have to answer 10 question in an hour, with a 10-mark allocation for each question.

Yesterday's paper wasn't too good. I didn't manage to finish. jiak sai. I rushed like shit but I still didn't manage to 'make ends meet'. Damm it. I think I wrote too much.

Now I will have to finger cross that my writing speed will switch to some turbo mode and let me write fast and still made my hand-writing legible. sister birthday was last Friday, 2nd of October!

We just had a simple dinner maybe cos she's not so demanding like me. (But more like she didn't bother to think of complicated where-to-eat places)

Some photos. Hoho.

mum and sis

For those of you, who knows my mum, seen my mum, talked to my mum, heard my mum or anything like that, you know she has cut her hair short!

And I think it totally looks gorgeous on her! She was sooooo worried when that hairstylist made that 'chop' and she was so relieve when it turned out good.

Prettay mum I have.

sis and I

May you have a more colourful life as years go by. I you.

This dress I was wearing was bought from Singapore by my mum and I think it's kinda too short, way above knee length. But both my parents don't think so, my dad even told me all your skirt also so short one lah. Duiii. My dad always one to go against me.

I really like the dress though and I still think it's a bit too short. =S

Random thought. I think facebook is really getting lamer and becoming like friendster. GEES. =S People are taking lame quizes that doesn't make sense at all and making self-indulgence comment to it, like: 'WOW, it's so true!', 'Am I really like that?', 'Haha. I can't believe this test so accurate' or 'Not accurate eh. I where got like that' and a lot of other etcs!!!!

Also, posting up their progress in the facebook games that they are playing and feel very very syiok about it. omg. roll eyes. Some people would also greet 'Goodnight' to the whole world EVERYNIGHT before they go to bed.

And the request that you receive everyday. -.- I delete 99 requests everyday and it comes up another 99 requests everyday. Walao eh.

I think I should really go back to my studies now. =S

This post is all over cos I'm on an exam and I'm still updating it! hehe.

Hopefully I post up an new entry by tomorrow midnight and tell you about my recent race and everything other things that I hope to tell you too!! ;))


liow yingtian said...

u jiak sai too many times d la...

Johnny aka Des said...

Hey, good luck in your zams. Hope you do well. Btw, you got your mom's looks. And your dad sounds cool la. LOL!

Chin Fern said...

Hehe. Liow Ying Tian, it's very hard for me to change i don't know why. it's super catchy and funny. you trying saying it and see! haha.

Thanks Des! Hehe. Yes, everybody says I look so like my mum and sometimes my mum even says: Aiyo, we look so alike la! hahah.
And my dad yup, definitely cool! hehe.