Thursday, May 28, 2009

Off to Singapore again!

Hoho. Yesh. I'm going to Singapore again. =DD

And mid-sem break has officially started.

Huuuu. I finally can take a breather off my hectic schedule every other day and get some holiday.

But then actually, I'm going to Singapore to attend a seminar on vocal training, not exactly for a holiday. Gees. However, I'm looking very forward to it. Woot.

I won't be able to update Project 365 as timely but I'll definitely continue it in Singapore and post the photos up when I'm back on Monday. =D

Btw, I went to Veen Dee's house today and saw her violin. I requested her to play for me a simple tune or whatsoever as long as she plays, but she rejected me very cold-heartedly. I even threatened to post up her nose pimple's photo if she doesn't want to play for me. She still doesn't hell care.

Gees. So this is her nose pimple if you can see it.

Stupid orang yang sangat degil. Ish.

Oh! That's just in case you miss me. =)

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