Saturday, May 23, 2009

Catwoman and Hello Kitty

I went to a friend's house for a musical play practice today. Her place is a home full of cats and if my counting is right, it is around about 20 cats.

Yes. 20 Cats, together with 6 human beings in a house.

As a comparison, I only have 1 dog at home, with 4 human beings.

Anyway, our practice did not work out as well because the main actor and actresses couldn't make it, choreographer wasn't well, crews did not turn up, musicians team wasn't complete and the rest of what-nots.

So, we only manage to practise part of the script for once during the entire 3 hours and the rest of the time....

....I cat-camwhore. Like REALLY camwhore.

The mummy cat just gave birth to 4 cute lil' kittens. They are too cute and I couldn't help it.


I'm never really a fan of cats. Never. I think their purrs are scary. But the kitten's are toooooo cute and I just have to give them the limelight.

Let's do some Yoga?
Let's do some Yoga?

Suddenly, the odd-one-out-orange-fur-coat little kitten demonstrated some Yoga moves and expected me to follow. I foolishly followed and that's why this photo is upside down. =S


The rest just sat down quietly, posing for my camera.

Then somehow, they encounter conflicts because one wants to outdo and 'outpose' one another in front of me.


Argument and Intolerance

There was really some major Cat-Fight.

And then they got really tired.

I don't wanna know


I'll always be my your side

Super duper uber adorable. =)

Sorry, I'm using a lot of flickr images recently that makes the photos load slower, but be patient. It's a good payoff for nicer images.

Out of all these that I've taken, I've chosen my favourite one as my photo of the day. =D

Day # 14 of Project 365

Tender Loving Care
Nolstalgic Touch

"Do you still remember how your mother showered you her love and care and sit right beside you throughout the nights when you were having your nightmares?"

The nostalgic gentle pat on the head reminds how you encouraged and supported me when I failed that short-distance race and the singing competition.

I tugged into your hug and teared even more. You softly whispered into my ear and said: "You made me so proud my dear child."

Without you, I won't turn out to be me. I love you, Mum.

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