Thursday, May 28, 2009

Routined Endless Buziness

Day # 20 of Project 365

Routined Endless Buziness

When can I take a rest? When I can I take a breath?
The ties are colourful and happy; but do you know the stress and tension once it's smartly put over the shirt collar?
Monday, Red; Tuesday, Blue; Wednesday, Striped; Thursday, Green; Friday, Orange and Saturday, Black; Sunday, (finally) tie-less.
The work never stops, the routine never ends.
Tell me: when can I really feel as colourful and as happy as the ties can be?

These are my lecture's tie, hung at the back of his office door. If you look at the colour, you'll know that he definitely has a thing with ties. All the luminous and bright colours.

I think it's so cute, therefore I couldn't help to snap this shot to make it the photo of the day. =D


saix_ysy said...

this is really creative!
keep it up piangggggggggg

Chin Fern said...

Yeay! Thanks for the compliment Sai sai. Hehe. Eh, this one without DSLR leh. woot. Holiao right. hahahha. :P