Saturday, May 9, 2009

Project 365

Veen Dee and I, both are taking on this very Project 365.

A no theme, no limits, no restrictions, yet simple photography project. =D

We are gonna snap a photo each and every day for the next 365 days, starting from today, 9th of May till the next 8th of May 2010, which concludes the project by then.

(*update [8th June]: I decided to not make it like an 'each and everyday' a photo project. Because as long as I've followed it now, I realise sometimes I have to force myself to take a photo without an apparent reason or meaning, JUST to fulfill the project. I find it a bit purposeless and unmeaningful, if the flow of the photo taking doesnt come in naturally and with feelings. Therefore, I'll just try to take a photo when I feel like it until I take 365 photos! =D And then i'll update it here. =))

She actually had a 2-day head start before me, and I very don't like, haha, so she decided to hold it on until my day 2 and then we'll continue together.

There's really no particular reason why I want to do this. I bring my camera with me everywhere I go, but I don't use it everyday, so I guess this project would make my effort of bringing the camera out, to the fullest!
(maybe this is just one of the very way to keep my blog more alive. =DD)

Project 365: photo that tells a story a day.

Day # 1 of 365


Favourite-Favourite. =)


dee said...

yeah finally. ok now continue the second one. =P

Chin Fern said...

yup yup yup. now now. i'm gonna post up now!

EsTee ~~ said...

I WANT TO JOIN THE PROJECT !!! how could I be left out .. Sob sob ..!!
I don't care count me in man !!
all of us have the same interest !
count Chrissy in also la

Chin Fern said...

Haha. Join in then! =D
It would be fun!! Post them up in your blog so that we can see! =D
Count chrissy in, but she doesnt have a blog, =(( Of course she can join, but then how is she supposed to share the photos?