Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Imperfect's Perfect Match

When I went to Singapore around a month or more ago, I bought this pair of flats because my other pair was spoiled due to 'over-work'.

And I that pair of flats.

It did give me trouble like blisters and sores during the first few wears; just like what any other newbie in any area would encounter. It even faced criticism and discrimination from people around me; the few close friends of mine just don't like the slight of it. Everytime I wear it, everytime they will remind how not nice my shoes are.

But now I can flaunt it, dance it and run with it, comfortably and beautifully. And never care what people think about it.

I my flats, my Imperfect Perfect's Match.

Day # 12 of Project 365

Perfect Match
Imperfect's Perfect Match

No one ever thinks the ballet flats complemented the dress.They were criticised, back-talked, and received strange stares and objections.

But nothing could stop them.

No matter how the whole world think of them, when they look into each other's eyes, they just know that they are meant for each other, just like the legendary Butterfly Lovers. =)

I saw an amazing video in facebook about family love.

It says: "Look at relationships from a different light through the eulogy of a woman who's recently lost her husband."

The video is called 'Beautifully Imperfect'.

Before this, the title of my photo of the day was: Perfect Match. After watching the video, I realised it is all the imperfections that make the perfections in life, don't you think? Hence, the title. =D

Looking back, have you really appreciated and cherished your beautifully imperfect family? :)

If not, start! This very moment. Nothing's too late. =D

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