Friday, May 22, 2009

Where are you?

Today, when I was up and ready to go out from home, I realise my hair was a bit messy and I wanted to tie it up before I go out.

But I COULDN'T FIND MY FRIGGIN' SMILEY HAIR BAND that I just bought not long ago!

High and low and still no show! =(

I last remember I put it in my beach bag. But it's nowhere to be seen.

Day # 14 of Project 365

Double Smiley Hairband

Double Smiley Hairband

A simple hairband that simply brightens up your gloomy day.

Please tell me where are you? I can't afford to lose you.
(I have a fetish on yellow smiley faces, can't blame me.)

And all day long I've been pausing in between my thoughts, recalling where have I misplace this little thing.

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