Sunday, November 23, 2008

Happy Wedding!! -- Day 2

I tugged into bed late the night after dinner and even before I'm all up ready I heard chattering noises coming from my living hall. Still half awake, eyelids only a quarter open, I wondered where do those interruption come from.


Everybody else is busy for the preparation ceremony, but me and Leah are busy for ourselves. Heck. We need to be dressed best and put on our make-up, at the least right?

Then the other sister bridesmaids came up with a brilliant idea to the door test of the groom.

They make me put my very precious smooches on a piece of tissue paper and let that poor groom guess which is my sister's lipstick mark.

Hoho. I guess that really test on how well and how often they work each other out when they have their 'lip exercise' now and then. HAH!

But the toughest part is...

None of it is my sister's lipstick mark. Ah-hah, this game is gonna be superbly fun!


With such massive honking signal, who wouldn't know you are getting married and can't wait to see your wife?

But wait, before you even think of seeing a slice of her, please pass through US.

The witty Bridesmaid Sisters sekalian. Tough, demanding and unyielding.

Let's see how well you can play the game. Let's see how far you can go. And Let's see how much is my sister worth in your heart.

Wow. That's quite a big thing to say.

"Eh, eh, shit. Seems pretty (pun intended) tough leh. Bestman, tell me how should we counter this. I WANT MY BRIDE FAST! NOW!"

"OK, right away your Majesty!"

" 冲啊!"
(chong ah) (as in 'ATTACK..!', not literally though)

"Shit. The attackers are too strong! Give me more strength my men! "

Of their strength and sweat, do they realise behind the door are just some armed-less ladies?

"Sisters, D-E-F-E-N-D! "

After much battling, the groom finally stood up as a man.

"Ok, ok. 君子动口,不动手. Let's talk it out. Tell me how much you want."

What an offer! Of course we would ask as much as we can. Erm.. not much, 99, 999, 999 USD only, please.

One angpow slipped in from outside.

RM1. Wow. So this is how much my sisterworth. Damm you.

"Okok, mistake, mistake. Here, here."

Second angpow slided in through the door slit.

Another RM1. WOW. Now we know who you are.

If this is just how much you can offer, thank you for coming, you can go fly back home now. We can find our sister a better, rich guy. Who, is willing to go all out for her.

Luckily the last chance given was cherished. Don't play play next time, ok?

"Yay. Let's go in! LET'S GO IN!"

Mr, the game isn't THAT easy.

2nd stage: Express your love in three different languages, not including those that are spoken locally in M'sia or in other words, not the language that we usually know or speak.


3rd stage: Sing a song by Winnie's favourite singer/band.

Half Pass.

(Damm him. We even need to give him clue who's my sister's favourite singer/band and he attempted to use his handphone to play the song in place of his voice. FAIL. But at the end he did sing, so ok-lah, Half Pass. )

'Cccccclick'. The door knob is slowly, gradually turned and. Opened.

A hard force pushed through the fellow bridesmaids way with thunderring exclamation and excitement.


The groom and his Bestman sekalian dashed in through the small opening of the door but, the bride is nowhere to be seen!!

(My room happens to have a room-in-room structure. The other room is my study room, so my sister hid in there and we closed the door so....)

THE GAME ISN'T OVER, my dear brother-in-law.

"You mean you want me to drink it? Drink THIS? "

Yeah Yeah. Just this cup and your bride would be yours and only yours.

"Oh, ok. WAIT. WHAT IS THIS? Why does it have weird colour and weird smell?!"

"OMG. Brother, they want me to drink this. Can you help me ah?"

Unfortunately, no. No helping unless you want to give your 'brother' your bride too! =D

Mission accomplished.

Now, you may kiss your bride.

And that was after the hand-over of bride to the groom when he passed the 'Sisters' agonizing test' and after some prayer rituals.

You might wonder how did the 'Guess My Lips' game went.

It was terrible.

It was terrible because despite our effort and excitement in putting that game out, when we wanted to put up the test, the lady-in-charge cut us off due to insufficient time. What the hell. And there goes our fun. Stupid.

Anyway, after the newly wed couple's kissing and prayer rituals, it is also a tradition that the bestman and the maid of honour do something for each other.

No. Not like what you think it is.

I'll have to pin up the corsage for him.

And he'll have to tie it up to my wrist. Obviously you know why the difference.

And I don't know why I look so amused. I'm not interested in him and he's taken.

Then there's the tea ceremony! Yum-cha Session.

My mother so happy that she laughs until the eye cannot see.

After getting my share of angpow, the ceremony concluded. :)

And off my sister went to her new family-in-law.

Happy Happy Wedding.

And to my brother-in-law, Welcome to our Family.

We are now no more this,

Thanks for expanding our family. Haha.

It's such a bliss to see two person finally found someone of their dreams and tied their knot of Love together, especially when she's my dearest sister. May streams of love, trust and understanding overflow both of your lives and building stout standing poles to your relationship, so that obstacles that come by will be flushed away by strong currents and the poles too strong too topple. Once again, Happy Wedding. <3

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