Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Ruby-ly Suprise.

It has been two weeks which my seniors, apart from finding time for their studies, doing their best to organise a Suprise birthday for the crowd-favourite, youngest lecturer, Ms Ruby. They had an alliance with Ms Ruby's boyfriend to ask him to bring her to Batu Ferringghi just as their usual date and we would suprise her. =D

The evening right after our Mid-term test, we all agreed to meet at Batu Feringghi at about 7.30pm. As usual, the "M'sian time culture" never resist to show itself. Most of us only reach when the time shows 8.10pm. Common eh? But, no, not good. I followed my friend's car, so can't really blame me. XD

We decided to go to beach through Lone Pine. (I'm not sure whether it's a chalet or a hotel or what. But i know it's a temporary place for tourist to stay. =D )

We walked pass the guard house happily, talking amongst ourselves, giggle a little, when the guard noticed something was wrong: we are actually intruders of the hotel!!
He came up to one of us, and asked: " You all Hotel Guest ah?"

"Yayaya," we lied. =S

"What room number?" OOPS..! Er...er...Er...We were stammering..Oh shyt oh shyt, what should we say, what should we say..!!!

Wei Jin bravely gave it a shot: "Room 206" (er..this is actually one of our college classrooms. haha.)

The guard immediately: "no..no..no..no..no..cannot..this is only for hotel guest."

Fine! Hello! Like we want to visit your hotel. We are more interested with the beach then Lone Pine. The beach is public. The path leading to it is also public. Any members of public is allowed to go to public places using public routes. LOL. Unreasonable, i know. wahaha.

We walked further up, passing a 'real' public closed hawker place to reach the beach. We found a wooden beach table and started to set and arrange things up.

We laid the candles around the edge of the table and lighted them up. We were careful enough to make sure nothing is on fire. While we were rushing for time to prepare, Edwin did not help by bickering with Naina while she was trying to finish her job. They were really funny. I overheard some of the things they say.

"Your momma so fat, that when I watch TV, I missed three commercials when she walks pass."

"No. Your momma so fat that when I run around her, it took me three years to complete the circle."

"Right. Your momma so fat that...................................!" And they NEVER end. Haha.

And for heaven's sake, Mother's Day is two days ahead. So much about saying other people momma. Haha. (But, a good one, eh?)

Ya, LOOK at me. I'm Miss World. Naina, the American girl.

Finally we are done!

They gave Andrew (Ruby's boyfriend) a silent call. And yup, they are walking towards the beach, strolling towards our direction.

" On the cue of 1, 2, 3..'Happy birthday Ms Ruby!' "

She was utterly shocked!

On the subsequent second, she was like: "OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG" for don't know how many thousand time. She was so touched. Her eyes went red and the tears kept streamming down. It was some tears of happiness! Haha.

"How could you do this to me..!"

"Thank you Thank you Thank you! Thanks a lot"

"OMG, really Thank you."

We ate KFC. It was moments of happiness for me too! I love KFC too much. *munch munch* Mmmm..Mmmm..Chicken chicken. Oooohh..KFC. So tastyly delicious! Yummm..It's finger linkin' good!

In between the party, a Horse-Rider interrupted to us, showing off his brown handsome horse. The horse all of a sudden won Ms Ruby's stardom of the night.

I want to make friends with him. But i was too afraid. XD


Time for cake.

Let's make a wish.

*I wish I wish I wish...I wish all my students can get an A for their exam..Oh, how I wish I wish I wish*

Eiik. That was actually our wish.

"So, Ms Ruby, You know what to do for our exam,right?"

"Ms Ruby, you are very touched right? Give us an A for our exam!"

"Ms Ruby, exam all A already ya?"

She keenly nodded her head. Ya Right. You wish la. Dream on!

Ya, the cake was too super duper nice that Ruby's nose would also want to have a bite.

Of course, we put on the party not to get an A. It was out of our senior's sincerity and thoughtfulness. Eii...So Sweet!

I know u enjoyed yourself Ms Ruby. Thank everyone la. Haha. =P Hope you have a wonderful year ahead. And Birthday wishes coming true. =)


trinie said...

your lecturer so young la so pretty XD

Ying Tian Liow said...

actually i forgot to tell u, ur lecturer and ur smile look quite alike, except that yours is bigger. hahaha =)

keep laughing and smiling =)

Chin Fern said...

Haha. you forget to tell me?
N Luckily now you remember! XD