Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Kenny Sia's 'Eat A Chip Like Kenny Sia'

Last weekend, to use a single word to describe = crazee..!

Thanks to Kenny Sia's 'Eat A Chip Like Kenny Sia' Contest. I read the post and I was, certainly thrilled..! What? all expense paid Bangkok trip? For 2! Chatuchak Market? And the main main main Attraction of the contest is: Going with, non-other than, Kenny Sia! Him, being the personal tour guide. Ahhh...So Irresistable!

That stirred up my excitement the most when I read about it! XD

I want to go SOOooo Badly. I wanna Bangkok with Kenny! Haha. So I started to think of some wittest, funniest, weirdest, craziest, quirkiest, sexiest shot I can have when I eat Mister Potato, at the same time, trying to imitate the Big Fish-y Jump of Kenny Sia when trying to gulp in for the Mister Potato Chip.

But...he's too good at gulping it that however I tried, I never succeed. LOL.
The very first idea that I got didnt work out. I wanted to borrow Ong Soo Peng's kitty cat to be my model. Alas, he's such a timid creature. He stayed so far away from me when I went to her house. Hello kitty cat, what so scary about a chic carrying few bottles of Mister Potato that wants to pose together with you? You seldom have the chance you know. I feel sorry for you. =P
So first idea failed.

Btw for this 'project', I personally 'hired' Ms Liow Ying Tian as my personal photograher. We got to come out with a second idea to save the wasted time, to make me win the contest, to make Kennysia, CHOOSE ME! XD

Think Think Think...And Ms Brilliant Ong Soo Peng came out with a pretty good idea. So, ok, Let's go to the beach.
This time I will be using Mr Khor Jie Xun as my model. I pleaded him for a while and make him'melt' and yup, he finally agreed. So after picking him up from his very-far-from-town residence, off we went to a very 'ulu'-undiscovered-unrevealed part of Pulau Pinang, Pulau Betong. (I didnt know there's another Pulau in my Pulau). But the place is surely breathe-taking.

So once landed, I hurried on to set things up and think of some good shots angle. While, the happy couple, enjoying a hell of a great time, sweetly enjoying their moments together. They don't even realise it was the 2pm glaring sunlight. I reckon the heat of sun is still the warmest warmth when love is in the air. Adui..!

Alright, let's start work.

Plan B is actually like this: A beach guy having great indulgance in Mister Potato, enjoying every crips, every bits. Too good that even hot bikini babe is unnoticable. How can???! But yup, thats the magical power of Mister Potato.

See, this guy, doesnt even when to look at me but prefer to munch his Mister Potato. What happen to the world these days? Mister Potato has ruled the WOrld?

(Btw, I didnt mean to say that I'm the hot bikini babe, but I've no choice, but to feature myself in the photo. Cant think of any substitute in such short time. XD ) Ahh...Do u think this is just a stupid excuse to want to be in the photo? Haha!

We took some first few shots but didnt workout.

He somehow didnt look like he's got he Best crispy Chips in town. And I somehow also didnt look like I'm angry at him for being not interested in me?! Apa la!

We then tried different pose.

Suddenly he indulge..

Suddenly he looked like he was forced to eat?

But anyhow we know Mister Potato tastes Yum! Haha.

After some hours until he glaring hot sun, I announced: That's a rap!

We are done! =)

Thanks Liow Ying Tian and her other half, Khor Jie Xun!

I'm gonna Bangkok with Kenny! =)


saix_ysy said...

salivating hahaha

Chin Fern said...

Fuyoh..! I didnt know I can make people salivate! Haha.

Ying Tian Liow said...

did you winnnnnnnnnnnn?

Chin Fern said...

I don't think the results are out yet. But I WANT TO WIN SO BADLY!

r.kiong@hotmail.com said...

I love U man! It's ok I'm not gay!!
Well, I used to take those while watching movies untill news papers comfirm it actually induce cancer. I stopped taking Milk, anything preserved (salted fish, kimchi, sambal, and etc),charcoal BBQed . Yes, people are killing you softly with your money+your trust.