Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Roots: TAS @ Greenhall

John invited me to perform during the 'Student Stage' in The Actors Studio @ Greenhall. They need a singer who sings classical chinese song.

Ok, so it's me then? Haha. KDU doesnt really have those 'chinese-chinese' students. Most of them listens to english songs, i think.

'Students Stage' is presented by The Actors Studio, coordinated by John Shebat de Silva, our very own student from KDU Penang. It provides a platform for students (and ONLY students) that have a love for performing and arts that wish to put it up on stage. Students Stage is showcased every 3rd month of every month, and the show is newly themed every month, therefore no will be no boredom or repeatation exist and every month is a fresh new month!

I know I don't take good photos. =S Can i blame it on the camera? XD

The theme for June is "Roots". A theme expecting for tradition-inspired performances with a little modern tweak possibly.

This month they make it as a Media and Press Appreciation Nite too.

Student Stage is usually performed acoustically, of course, I would not want to brake the tradition with my debut performance in there. So I'm performing with my..guitar.

Gosh. How can she look more like a guitarist than I do. Ahh. Tan Veen Dee.

Esther is with her Flute.

Bill Reitberger with his wonderful talent - Acting.

Veen Dee is in the photo just to kacau the photo. She tries to play my guitar. -.-

We waited for some time before the show starts punctually.

My turn was up first. =)

Presenting a flamenco guitar piece, "Farucca" and the Teresa Teng's Chinese Oldies, "我只在乎你", wo zhi zai hu ni.

I felt so great singing together with my guitar again. For too long my guitar has been totally neglected.

Sorry my deary. Haha.

Following my performance was Esther's flute recital.

She wonderfully let the pieces she played dance bubbly on the notes with her flute. Presenting: Minuet: L' Arsienne No.2 and Turkish March.

I so love the sound of flute. Way to go Esther!

The show ended with Bill's act of the imitation of Bala Singham, a spoof act from a cheesy classical Tamil film.

Veen Dee supportingly came for our performance and fooled with us around. (Not forgetting, her effort of trying to make herself a guitarist in a few minutes time. =P)

The Lot. Bill, I told you the Black cannot be seen, didnt I? I didnt mean any racisim!

Look, John the boss is coming through.

Thank you Eng Hong for being the 'audience' for the night.

Some people that are supposed to turn themselves up did not come. Too bad la. They miss our performance.

And..I did enjoy myself. My reunion with my guitar. Haha.

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