Tuesday, July 1, 2008

KDU Idol Craze #1

I saw this up on notice boards around the college campus.

The very first "KDU Idol" title is up for grabs!

Since I can sing, I can dance, so in order to earn my bragging rights, I decided to go for an audition. Haha.

To my surprise, the response received wasn't as I've expected. I thought there will be a whole lot of people that will insist on show their stuff (even some might not have it), and think they are best and is the next hot-talk idol.

On the day of audition, I got the 10th for my turn.

That's my number, bay-beh!

My birth date, the 10th.
So I reckon I do stand great chance to get through the next round, don't I?

But..this number is not by chance or by luck, not even coincidence. When I registered myself, I purposely waited to be the 10th person to write in my name. By hook or by crook, I have to get number 10. Crazy. haha. Too fanatic about the number 10. LOL.

We had to have our full-size and half-size self-portrait taken before going into the audition room.

I thought my photoshoot experience from Estee Lauder Model Search audition should come in handy in terms of posing, but nope, doesn't work the same. I still don't know how to pose, the only thing i can show is still my million-dolar smile. Hah!

Oh, talking about Estee Lauder Model Search, I think shall put it for my next post, for your viewing pleasure (boleh cuci-mata, I hope XD) since I have never yet to do so.

Back to the audition, I courageously chose a song that I don't really know and can't really remember the lyrics. I know I shouldn't have chose that song but I think the song suits me really well and i like it. So I'm taking it for a bet.

I sang 新不了情,xin bu liao qing.

Of course I did flunk the lyrics part. But the judges were pretty impressed.............

Yes, I couldn't be wrong that the judges were impressed...........

This poster is currently all over KDU Penang Campus, in lifts, notice boards, glass doors and every other prominent areas of KDU.

Because during the weekend I received a call to inform me I was in the semi-finals!

The Monday after it we were asked to dress up for a photo shoot. I didn't know this event can get so big. They even have a photo shoot. Haha.

The theme for the photoshoot was black. I was a bit worried. Black. Black is not so my colour, how can I manage to find nice black outfit in my closet...Hmmm..

I search my closet up and down, explore my mum's wardrobe left and right and finally I come up with a combination of this.

Not quite bad, am I? XD

We had a briefing before the photoshoot.

The two categories from the initial audition, which is the singing category and the dancing category, will be competing for one final title up for grabs, the very first "KDU Idol".

The winner determining-factor for this round of competition, which is the semi-final comprise of: 50% judges and 40% voting. Where does the other 10% fall? 10%, is for our disciplinary and attitudes.

First time I heard this actually count in a talent show competition. Anyway, doesn't matter me much, since I have always been a GOOD girl. =D


We had a group photo shoot and video recording on that day itself.

We are not supposed to smile but to look serious and to act cool. So not me. Cannot display my Million-dolar smile pula.

Until the last photo, I cannot tahan d. I curi-curi smile a bit. Actually even without me realising it myself. So I'm perhaps...erm...born to smile. XD

After that we proceeded to an individual video recording of the semi-finalist. Talking about when they started singing, what are going to do next, who inspired to join KDU Idol, what's your biggest advantage etc etc.

The last one was to record a video to pull for votes.

Things like: I'm the best of the best of the best of the best. So, don't be stupid, just vote for me.


You no eyes ar? I'm so beautiful and I sing like "Maria Carry". You don't vote for me, vote for who?

Nope. Of course not. No one said that. Not even Miss thick skin Tan Chin Fern. XD

I can't form my words correctly at that point of time. I blurted out something that I hope it does sound convincing for people to vote for me. Haha.

And...I somehow didn't realise I did this pose during the video recording. Alamak!


Cindy said...

your picture really is nice leh!!! Always see you also so bubbly wan.haha...
gud lukc this thursday okay!! You are always a idol to us!! Jia you!!! ^^

Chin Fern said...

Eiii...! thanks a lot! For all the greetings. So touched to all of your comments and support. I shall sing my best. =)