Sunday, June 22, 2008

My Emceeing Debut

It was a week before the event, my college mate sms-ed me to ask whether I can be the MC of their 15th You Young Anniversary musical recital concert.

Having a huge sense of grabbing any opportunities, I immediately said yes while also pulling in Esther into the job.

My sort-of first time being an MC of any major events. Though I had experience emceeing, it was some super small events, that most of the audiences are people I know.

This time is gonna be DifferenT.

But only three days before the concert, were we given the outline, the schedule and the introduction of the club. Argh! 3 Days! Things rushing its way through. But me and Esther...ahh...still taking some own sweet time figuring out our greeting speech and the intoductory speeches of songs.

Finally the Saturday came.

While everybody else were rehearsing,

we were busy writing our speeches.

We realised something: Human beings work better under pressure! Hah!

Before this we eliminating so many ideas that pop up from our mind, but mostly were rejected by Esther with the excuse: "Lame". But when we had to come up with our lines to introduce the songs during rehearsals, the formation of words came out so easily, and Esther was no more saying: "No! so lame lar..."

And our working "table" got messier......and messier.

My cue cards pile up as we wrote our speeches,

And my writing got uglier and indecipherable. Haha.

(Liow Ying Tian, I have no rights to say you have ugly handwriting anymore. XD)

The night started off 'OK' with both of us emceeing. Not expecting a BOOM since we have not gone through any form of practice.

First time being put as an important role of an event, I startled a bit. Before this, I was just one of the performers, be it in a group or solo, I still wasn't the one controlling the audiences.

Our only expectation is not to humiliate ourselves in front of such a crowd and of course in order to achieve this, we have to strut our stuff to the best.

It was like candies to us when we received responses from the crowd. =)

It was about 10.15pm when the musical recital ended.

Finally it reached to an end.

An awesome experience.


I still prefer performing than emceeing. Hee hee. =D

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