Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Stay or Run?

I woke up very very early that morning. (as in 6am. HAHA) My dad is leaving for China for a holiday, so I'm sending him to the airport. The night before he left, he warned me not to use his car as a very BIG thing is wrong with his car that could probably explode under any circumstances. Of course, I've a BIG life, and I want to continue my BIG years and I have my own BIG BLACK Kenari why do I need to drive his car? So not a problem at all.

But the next day, my dad casually asked me to fetch him and my uncle using HIS very-BIG-thing-has-gone-wrong-CAR. My mum wanted to follow, so off we went.

On the way, the temperature of the car keep rising....risING...riSING...and RISING! It fluctuated between above border line and nearly reached 'red light district'. Ahh..! How dangerous was that? My heart pounded faster. But *yawn* I'm sleepy...So I slept in the car..Oh oh, I wasnt driving. Haha. Half way thru, my mum saw me yawning and yawning, so we switched role. She drove, I slept. Ooooh...*Stretch* *Eye-lids dropped* *Way in my dreamland*

After my dad and uncle hopped off the car, we drove back. I was still making dreams. Somewhere 4km from my home, when my mum wants to drive off after the traffic light turned green...BOOF! Eeei..Eeei...! OH NO! HELP! Ahhhh...!

Don't worry. =) No devastation. =) =) It's just that...the car couldnt start anymore. Its temperature shooted too high up. When my mum tried to move after the green light, the car just went:

1. BOOF! -- tak boleh start.

2. Eeei...Eeei...! -- Attempts of trying to start the car, failed. Thats what the starter of the car sounds like when it's dying, isnt it?

3. OH NO! -- Was just how I slightly felt when it happened
(I was 4km near my hse ma. If thinks really screwed up, the worst thing I have to do is just to run to my house and get our saviour, my BIG BLACK Kenari. I'm a Penang Bridge Half-marathon Achiever, ok?) and the BLOCK letters are just some of my habit of exaggerating.

4. HELP! -- Was just creating a suspense in my story to see whether I'm a successful narrator.

5. Ahhhh...! -- Was just another attempt of trying to make your adrenaline rush takes place vigorously, and also to see whether I'm a million-copies-of-books-sold narrator. XD Or at least a fun blogger.

The backlights are as if ON FIRE!

I immediate called my dad to ask for 'survivor tips' since it's one hour to his boarding time.

To Survive:
1. We actually need about 20-30 mins for the engine to cool down before we can turn on the cap of the 'engine tube'. (I don't know the jargon =S)
If not, consequences would be: we would be seriously burnt. The fly-high-bubbling temperature have super active particles. Morever it is in the form of steam. The particles move and slide freely among each other and collision of the particles could cause a havoc. (Ahh..so much about not liking science. XD I still love Physics though. It makes me think I'm smart.)

2. Then we need to pour in water into the engine tube to cool the system down and to regulate the whole temperature. I don't know how the whole thing works.

3. But if no water, no start. If start, no life. Cos we will die (The car would explode ok!)

Luck was always by our side. We managed to get water from a terrified uncle, that just reached his home, that thought: "who the hell are standing in front of my gate..What should I do?? What should I do??" We knew he was scare because he took a long time to get out from his car. He immediately said "no no no", when my mum was just about to open her mouth to get water from him.

Since we had to wait, my mum said: " Why not we have a jog at the park opposite?" We were in our jogging gears cos we planned to go after sending my dad to the airport. "Har? Then leave the car here?! " I asked. "Yala, we have to wait for it to cool down anyway."

So off we went jogging working ourselves out while the cars that passed our car have to make unusual turns and cuts into another lane. Ah-hahahaha.

The poor car was just there. Standing alone like a terrified kid. Hiding away from road-users furious stares. Although being afraid, it tried hard to cool itself down, hoping its owner will feed water and drive away as soon as possible.....

ALAS. Its owners were having their sweet time loosing some unwanted fats in the green green grass, in the breezy morning with the tender sunlights...

While I was running, I kept telling my mum: I think we are the yeng-est person ever found on earth.

Or Where else would you see people exercising whilst their car have broken down in the middle of the road that would get rather busy during peak hours? Ah-ha! We are so yeng!

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