Saturday, April 26, 2008

I've Graduated....NOT!

After 4 months and 22 days in college..I've finally GRADUATED!

I'm too glad I've finally completed my diploma. I had a great time in college learning what I have to learn about Mass Communication. Now I'm ready to take on to life's next step. I'm even finishing faster than my they-think-they-are-my-GreAT-seniors' seniors. =P

The morning was just wonderful, seeing so many people in their smart suits. Formally well-dressed, they looked like they are all energised to put a start great in the creative industry and make themselves shine like superstars. Of course, I'm part of the crowd. =)

Bullsh*T! Dream on LA!
A long 2 years more to go, Missy! =O

Our lecturer, a day before, informed us to wear formally without a reason. So conform, we shall.
The next day, we were told we are to cast in KDU Corporate Video acting as Graduates wearing black robe, mortarboard and the "coloured cloth" which I don't know what it is called. XD

So we started to prepare for ourselves...

Yoan doesnt like what she's wearing. haha.

I was rather excited. So I quickly put on my robe first...
Then the 'coloured cloth'..

Now the whole set with the mortarboard.

*Deep breath in*..YES! I'm ready!

I was taking photos around..and this guy kacau kacau!

You are not cute Ariff!

I did say u are not cute didnt I?
Esther, Veen Dee, Fern & Ariff.

+ Christyna.

My course mates & lecturer. (Trust me, my lecturer is really in there.)

There she is. Yup, she's definitely young and HOT..!

Flashing the You-can-never-ever-find-Million-Dolar-Smile. Hee..!
(Yugen, Your photography skills, make me *shakes head*)

Wei...My Beau....t......f..........Erm I mean, My Face!!!!

Getting to ready to post for the camera, to toast the mortarboards.

Spot me! (Like it's possible.-.-)

Actually, Can you?

Try looking again!

Don't give up~!

My indication seems unclear..Hehe. But there I was!

In this take, we were supposed to wave our mortarboard 'enthusiastically'. And on the cue, toast it as high as possible as we cheered with the joyous Joy. LOL.

We repeatedly did that for 10-15 times. Haha. Is like we have graduated 10-15 times. haha.

On the instance of the throw, many of us protected our head and body with our hands. Being afraid that the mortarboard hit right on our skin. Ouch!

That was our video shoot day. 2008 "Mock" Graduation specially for

P.S I guess the video would most probably be at KDU's website. But I don't think it is up yet by now. So check it out when it's up! Btw i'm also featured in another scene which we acted like we walk out frm the college after lesson. I hope the camera sees me. XD

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