Monday, April 28, 2008

Miss Yello Duckie.

I was on msn with Jelly Ooi.

This is a conversation between us:

Jelly: eh why you put duck as your picture leh

(I thought for a while and thought, hey, I can put this as my answer!)

Fern: Cos i'm as yellow as the duck, as orange beak as its beak and as cOck-eyEd @.@ as the cOck-eyEd duck.hehe.most importantly as eye-catching as it is.

(Sorry lah, I can't help it. I always have to self-praise when I talk to them. And they, of course won't give in, like to shoot me back.)

Jelly: errr..i think its ugly worh

Fern: mana ada ugly?

Jelly: got la pai kua ka si (as in: ugly till die. LOL. Penang Hokkien, that is.)

Kena Sh00T! gai gai.

The real reason I put this display picture on my msn,

....nah, You don't have to know. =P

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