Sunday, April 13, 2008

A Beautiful Soul.

My friend once gave me a link to his friend's blog. I chanced upon this amazing, soul-touching, inspiring video of a gifted girl. Enjoy!

It was so touching. The little girl was just amazing. Her little hand danced melodically on the black and white keys, playing out every notes, every tune from her heart. She is such a gifted angel. Playing the piano just by her listening skills, she wooed the crowd with her wonderful soul in a tiny petite frame.

I couldn't help it. I watched twice and cried twice. At the minute she sang, "You are born to be loved", there were goosebumps in me and tears started streamming down. How innocent can she be? She knows her mission to be here is not to look down on her disablities of sight. But to cherish and appreciate her fabulous talent. To take and share to everyone what the Universe has given her. How can she not make everyone Love her? A beautiful soul.

At times, when I met obstacles in my music journey, I do doubt whether do I really have the 'It' factor to be in music. Am I really as talented and gifted as I thought I am? This video gave me the inspiration. If Ye Eun can do it, so does Chin Fern. =)

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g.e.n.i.e said...

touching video o~~

i got tears in my eyes.. =.=